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Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunderbolts!

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I finished these up last week in preparation for NEAT. I forgot how quick 6mm tanks and the like paint up, these took 2-3 hours each. I have some Marauders that are close to done as well, I held off though as I wanted to put some lascannons on them.

Epic Thunderbolts

NEAT8 - The Ocho

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We had our eighth annual Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament (NEAT) this past Saturday. We had 17 people show up (lost 4 the last week :() for a three round tourney on Saturday. We also snuck in a couple games on Friday night and Sunday too. Enjoy!

Karl's guardsmen, reporting for duty. They are joined by some newly painted Warhounds. AOTs at the baseline. My Knights stride on to the battlefield. When they can keep their balance. They're suppoed by my newly painted Thunderbolts. Fatboys on the move. Errants crestinng the hill. Paladins grab an objective. Coach's Night Lords settle in for another NEAT. DwarfSupreme's Errants join them. Raptors on the move. Ready to pounce. Errants and Paladins make for the Regimental HQ. Lancers fance down the Warhounds. Kal's Void Spinners make their debut. Jon's Heirodule returns for a snack. The Harridan joins him. Kal's Swords of Vaul make ready to dish out some hurt. Jimmy's Marauders straffe Scarik's Russes. Proxy Russes protect legitimate Hydras. Scarik's ubiquitous Storm Hammers. Jimmy's Death Company. The Wave Serpeants went through a lot of pain birthing those Heavy Weapon Platforms. Spinning up. Chroma's Orks hit the field for their first NEAT. Moscovian's Squig Catapults line the trees. Old Hot 'n Steamy rolls up. Pinch pinch pinch. CaptPiett's newly painted Tau make their annoying hover sound as they come on to the field. berzerkmonkey's Blitz Brigade escort a Giant Green Cube. Karl's Guard, ready to hit the meat grinder. A platoon holds down a building. While the Warhounds are back for more. Cameron's Guard moving up. Russes make their presence known. Heavy weapon teams hold down a ruin. DwarfSupreme's Errant prepare to clear them out. The Coach sends his scouts into the fray. Matt A finally sets up his army! My Knights prepare to face the Red Horde. Lead by Baron Unfairness himself! The Custodian formations took a beating all game. A warband prepare to make the mad dash across the plains. Lots of AA meant my TBolts spent a lot of time on CAP. Paladins face down a horde on the Knight's right flank. Meanwhile, on the left flank... Never ones to run from a fight, Coach's Night Lords face down Ron's Kashnarak. And a Vessel o' Pain. Amphibious mode, GO! Rob's Raven Guard take on Kal's Eldar. Jon's Harridan seeks some cover. Commander Nearsight leading from the rear! Pathfinders face down a world of hurt. Chroma's Orcs make ready. berzerkmonkey's Orks give a Braveheart-esque salute to the Giant Green Cube. Karl's Titans leading the charge. Sentinel Pilots converse about the Commissar's motivational methods. Squiggy faces down the Wolf Pack. Cameron's Mech Coy making for cover. Jimmy had a single stand left on Scarik's Blitz. It was an up-hill battle. My Knights perpare to face off against the whiniest Archon in the known galaxy. Archon Ron of the Kabal of the Loud Mouth. My Knights begrudgingly move forward. Matt's Red Horde surround Rob's marines. A rather cinematic last stand. Chroma's Orks keep out of the Fart Swamp. Rough Riders screen Cameron's Russes. Jon's Trygons prepare for lunch. CaptPiett's Suits hold down an iceberg. Old Hot 'n Steamy rumbles up. He faces down uberChris' new Necron army. Karl's broken troops give in to their despiration. Storm Hammers can do that do you. Hounds light up some Russes. berzerkmonkey's Battle Fortress makes a pit stop. The Blitz Brigade hunts for targets. Found some! My TBolts make a trench run on some Ravagers. OM NOM NOM NOM! Coach's Night Lords scream some insults at CaptPiett's Tau. And grab a T&H. Maximum Cacti Cover Jimmy's Terminiators grab the Blitz, and brace for impact. Flick'n hive boogers. Tyranid Spa Day. Cameron's Airforce takes on the Ork horde. Meanwhile, the troops stay warm. Hot Ork on Ork action in the leaders match. Matt A's Speed Freeks take on Chroma's War Horde. The Supa Stompa got MVP from what I'm told for just no dieing. CaptPiett's Crisis Suits hit dirt side and vaporise an Incubi loaded Barge of Pleasure. The other Tau enjoy the fireworks! Karl's Griffon's bring the hurt. The Mech Coy holds the line. The Wolf Pack sends the traction forward. DwarfSupreme's Wardens face them down. The monkey's Blitz Brigade gets sneaky. Squiggy unloads on Cameron's Russ company. Marauders come screaming in. Go Squiggy! Go Squiggy! Go! Kal's Eldar ready for the last game. Scarik's Russes hit Jon's swarm. The Epic Battle of Sunz vs Moons WAAAGH!!! Jimmy's Marauders light up Rob's Terminators. Kabal of the Loud Mouth fighters hit Commander Nearsight (he never saw them coming). Pathfinders taking a break. Karl's Mech Coy holds an objective. Errants move up to deal with the infantry infestation. The Coach never goes half ass when it comes to daemons. The Blood Thirster claims a Blitz. And a retinue a DTF. Not much left on the ice table. Plenty of Ferals to go around for Kal though! Jon's bugs and Scarik's Minervans still have some work to do. The Ork board has been considerably cleared out. Rob's Marines hold the city. CaptPiett's Tau enjoy a Dark Eldar BBQ. DwarfSupreme and Karl still have battle lines to speak of. But uberChris' Necrons have been sent back to the Tombs to regenerate. The Coach claims his second win for the day. The Ork assaults peter out. And the game ends in a very close draw. Jon's Trygons get MVP. Scarik's Storm Lords go unmolested again. Old Hot 'n Steamy too. Kal powers down his Wrath and D Cannons. Moscovian gets "Best Painted"... A new award given to the person with the least painted army. :P While the Coach claims a victory eight years in the making.
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