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Whoops! Ut oh...

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I've been slacking in the picture department but there's been slow progress. The hair, jeans, and black and brown leather is done, plus I've started on the red. I'm hoping to finish the red over the weekend, after that it's onto the metal and weapons. It'll be tight but I think it's all doable. I did drop the Juves from the table, however. If going gets tough I can drop the Bolter Leader and Heavy Bolter Heavy too.

Necromunda Orlocks

The base I'll be using in there as well. I wasn't 100% on the plasticard ones I cast up so this is plan B. It's a Renedra 25mm with a Litko magnetic bottom. I sprayed it with some textured paint I got at Michaels, washed it black, drybrushed on a tan, stippled a red and then drybrushed white. I was going for asphalt. Close?

Necromunda Orlock Leader Necromunda Orlock Heavy Necromunda Orlock Ganger
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