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Shielding My Shieldbash Vidaar

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Our fourth annual Shieldbash Invitational Tournament is coming up and I wanted to add a few more troops to the Vidaar warband. Four Bondi are nearly done but I also decided to really lean into the viking influence this year and re-shield my existing warriors and these new guys as well. The shields are two pieces of plastic card and the fisheye stickers I've been using from my Imperial Guard hatches. I plan to make decals or stickers of some viking shield designs for them, and sculpt some handles on the back.

Shieldbash Vidaar

Epic Slaanesh Questor Scout Titan Test Scheme

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I'm trying to figure out the scheme for my Slaanesh Titans this week. I'm pretty happy with the purple to magenta armor transition. It's way more blue in the photos than in real life though (leave it to Slaanesh to mess with color balanace). The black bits will be gold, brass or silver but I'm still thinking on the weapon pod looking bits that are white right now. Thoughts?

Epic Slaanesh Questor Scout Titan Epic Slaanesh Questor Scout Titan
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