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Without Number (aka 36)

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The Termagants are coming along. I finished their highlights this past Monday. All that's left is a drybrush for the base and then the base edging. Hopefully I'll be able to get to that this weekend, if not then definitely Monday. After that it's onto the Hormagaunts.

Termagants Termagants

I tried out the Codex Grey drybrush on one stand, I thought it worked out pretty well. Definitely got to be careful though when working around the painted bugs.

Termagant Stands

Airbrush, I am Disappoint...

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I tried spraying the archers with a black wash last week. It didn't do what I hoped it would though and ended up tinting everything black. I went back and hit everything with a silver drybrush and no harm was done.

High Elf Archers

The gaunts I ended up washing by hand. It didn't take a huge amount of time but it would have been nice if the airbrush wash worked out better. I but done the base color for the base as well and that got a wash too.


Twelve of the 36 stands have the black highlights done now too. I should be able to finish up the rest, drybrush the bases and do the base edges in the next week or two. These came together a lot quicker than I thought they would.


Hive Fleet Ants in Your Pants

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Did some more work on the Guants today, 36 bases are ready for an airbrush wash now so we'll give that a try next week.


I already had eight stands washed and highlighted (test stands) so these guys just need their bases finished.


All Dolled Up

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The High Elves are nearly ready for the weekend. I didn't get to the wash but everything bar the Chariots, Reavers and Bolt Throwers is primed, silvered and temporarily fixed to bases with white glue. Those later units I primed and silvered after I took this pic, I just need to base them quick tonight.

Warmaster High Elves Warmaster High Elves

I also finished the black on 36 stands of Termagants this week. I forgot to grab a pic though, maybe tonight. I'm going to try washing them with an airbrush as well, I just need to paint the bases gray before I try that.

Project Pokey

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After I finished the Penguins (see last year's blog) I'm on another quick tangent and cleaning up and converting my High Elf Warmaster army for the tourney in Dover, NH next weekend. Things are progressing. I've finished the eight Spearmen, four Archers and two Chariots.

Four Archers arching.

High Elf Archers

Eight stands of Spearmen with their spears removed and replaced with silk pins. It was a lot of pin vicing...

High Elf Spearelves

The chariots, sans crew.

High Elf Chariots

I still need to clean up my Silver Helms, Reavers, Bolt Throwers and Characters and then I'll hit them all with some primer/silver paint and a wash. After that, I'm on to the Tyranids, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to these guys.

Watching Paint Dry...

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Last year was a bit of a first. I was able to keep a painting blog going on TacComms for the whole year ( Watching Paint Dry in case you were interested now added to this blog). I didn't quite get an update per week in, but I was close. On it I pretty much just posted pictures of what was on my workbench and what I was painting at my local store's painting night.

This Blogger site is pretty much meant to be a continuation of that blog. I'll continue posting and whatnot on TacComms, but the intent here is to reach out to a wider audience. I enjoy looking at pictures of painted and work-in-progress miniatures, as I'm sure most people in our hobby do. To that end, why not throw some more in the pot for people to look at?

So here it is, Watching Paint Dry, circa 2011. Canned, labeled and shipped straight to your web-browser courtesy of Blogger and the intertubes. Enjoy! :)

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