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Roger, Roger

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This week you guys get a tour around my desk. In addition to continuing the "grass tufting" of my Marines...

I finished puttying the TBolts this week and got their base coat done...


Took a picture for OMan of the GZG artillery and AA tanks...

GZG Artillery and AA Tanks

and stripped, re-based, primed and base coated a Starmada fleet. Matt and I started playing again after a long hiatus. My old color scheme wasn't doing it for me so I decided to try something new.

Decados Fleet

I think the highlight color is a little too bright though so I'm going to go 2:1 as opposed to 1:1 with the base:highlight mix. Thoughts?

Decados Corvette

Release the Hounds...

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First up we have a test AOT (Armored Otter Transport, for all your otter transportation needs...), in a lovely striped gray camouflaged scheme. I think this is what I'm going to go with for my Thunderbolts that I'm starting this week. What do you guys think?

Armored Otter Transport Armored Otter Transport

And I finally finished the Warhounds this past week. I brought them down for some gaming Saturday but they didn't make it to the mega battle.

Warhounds Warhound One Warhound Two

I also managed to put the grass tufts on all of my infantry, bikes and dreads. I'm going to try to finish the tanks this week. I'm holding off on pictures of everything until I get my THawks done.

Sit. Lay down. Shoot Plasma. Good Boy!

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Another quick update (I'm still recovering from the Cleavage Contest on Saturday at King Richard's Faire...). The hounds are nearly done, I just need to finish the black and the bases. It looks like I'll be painting three nights this week so I think that ought to cover it... :P


What's Your Vector Victor?

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Not a whole lot of painting this week, but I got some building done.

These are the Wolf light tanks all built and primed. Not sure why I bothered to take a picture, the "flat" gray primer is rather shiny and shows off none of the detail.

Wolf Tanks

And these are my shiny GZG Jupiter tanks.

Jupiter Tanks

And another platoon of CH's infantry.

Command Horizon Infantry

I finally got my magnetic adapters for my air force, so I spent some time getting my TBolts operational for a game on Wednesday. Once I'm done with the hounds I'll start work on these guys.


Finally, he's my progress on the hounds. I finished up the blue on lefty this week. I started painting the white on the head armor, but wasn't sure how much to paint white. The War Griffon's scheme has the entire head yellow, should I follow suite and do all white leaving none of the gunmetal details?

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