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I made some good progress on the Knights, just haven't taken any new pics yet. Here's what I've been working on the past few weeks on lunch breaks. First up is my second unit of Skorza skirmishers. I didn't like the looks of the spear hafts that came with them, so I went with some brass rod instead.

Wrath of Kings Skorza Skirmishers

And here's Duke Anton and Korrad all built up.

Wrath of Kings Skorza Leaders

Next my stock specialists: Shield Breaker and Scourge Hound.

Wrath of Kings Skorza Specialists

I didn't like that the specialist didn't have alt sculpts, so I converted my own. I took the top of a Shield Breaker and put it on a spare skirmisher body, swapped out the bottom of the legs and added some thigh grieves.

Wrath of Kings Shieldbreaker Wrath of Kings Shieldbreaker

Finally, I made an alt scourge hound with the female skirmisher, swapping out her weapons, adding the hood and some various armor plates.

Wrath of Kings Scorge Hound Wrath of Kings Scorge Hound

Everything needs putty work, I'm hoping to get to that this week after I get my mercs, Lord Hob and Irene put together.

Adepticon 2015

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Here are some shots from games this past Adepticon.

This year's Epic tournament. We had two drop out, unfortunately, and were even (unfortunately for me). My knights did get in one game though when Eric sat out so I could play. We had a Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Ork, Eldar, Speed Freek and Imperial Fist army. Between six people I also think we had over $400 in prize support. :P A big thank you to Dark Realm Miniatures, Microworld Games, Onslaught Miniatures and Steel Crown Games!

Berzerkmonkey's Orks face off against Floppy's Eldar. Pinch pinch pinch... Rangers annoy the Gargant. The Avatar charges some Stormboyz. The Ork BTS was one big formation. The Void Spinner takes some fire. Spectrar Ghost's Orks face off against m_folias' Imperial Fists. These disappeared thanks to the Whirlwinds. m_folias provided most of the terrain. The Fellblade rolls up. Armor moves in. Infantry holds the left flank. Jordan's IG hold the ruin's against Dustin's Marines. Pew pew! Russes rolling up the road. Marines hold a bunker complex. Terminators doing what they do best. Waves of green. Annhilators hunting for buggies. Guard take the landing pads. My Knights Floppy's Eldar m_folias' Imperial Fists Spectrar Ghost's Speed Freeks Dustin's Space Marines Berzerkmonkey's Orks Jordan's Imperial Guard Russes take aim at some Paladins. Revenants take on the Fellblade Marines take the fight to the Orks. A Blitz Brigade rolling up. Marines take aim at them. Buggies make for the Marine strong point. An infantry company holding down a ruin. Braving the CAP the Marauders straffe my Paladins. Castellans prep the Infantry. One massive assault. Land Raiders rolling up the left flank. Protect the tax documents! No taxation without WAAAGH!!! Orkses Taking on the Marines in the building. Eldar pep-talk. The Vampire comes in for a landing. The technocolor Blitz Brigade. Jodran and Matt face off on his GW table. Shining Spears grab the landing pads.

Three games of Warmaster this year. My elves took on Chaos, Dark Elves and Orcs.

Todd's Chaos' heavy hitters. My elves stick to the trees with them around. We meet in the built up area, and thanks to some deadeye shooting from my archers (and poor saves) the elves live another day. This one was uglier. The Khorne General. And Tzeentch sorcerer. Spectrar Ghost's (Nat's) Dark Elves They had a lot of shooting. Chad's Orcs (they had a lot of units). My elves castled up and put arrows in a lot of them. Some woods made a bottle neck, and Orcs charging through got arrows for their trouble.

A huge game of Space Hulk played on a Creative Gamescape setup. Four marine players had to find an Inquisitor and get him off planet in twenty turns. Probably the closest game I ever played (see the last couple of captions) which made for a very cinematic game.

Ultramarines on the hunt for the Inquisitor. Deathwing looking for a way to open the landing bay door. The board, four marine players and two stealers. Blood Angels look for the Inquisitor on the other side of the landing bay. My Hormagaunts getting shot to pieces. The Chaplain was the luckiest model of the board. He waded through bug after bug, lost combat 5ish times but made his saves each time. Shoot the bugs brother! Not the wall! Wracking up the kill count. Moving towards the second level. The Grey Knight captain was shot down an entire swarm guarding the bay door console. Almost! This guy was fun to bring around the corner! The Warrior won. The Inquisitor is found. Overwatch time! This guy took out my Warrior. A Hormagaunt finally got him. A stealer gets the first Grey Knight kill. With one turn left the Carnifex stands between the Inquisitor and his escape! He boxcared it! He and the pilot race towards the shuttle to start it and... are 1 AP short to get away. Bugs win!

This year's Necromunda tournament. There were three Orlocks, two Cawdor and an Escher gang in the morning session. Of the players I knew two and played three before. For my four games I played all three of them... It was good fun though, but no epic moments I remember.

Matt A's Cawdor Ganger makes a run for cover. My Orlocks think he's cruising for a bruising. I like turtels. berzerkmonkey's Escher running up a flank. Drew's Cawdor moving through a scrap pile. I didn't get this guy's name, but he had the second Orlock gang. Nor this guy's name either, he had the third. It was Cadians converted with visors. Holding down the office organizational part of the hive. A lot of gangers got fried in and around this building. A lasgunner takes aim at berzerkmonkey's leader. My heavy put down some hurt and closed off a big corridor in that game. Escher moving up. Bonnie Anderson, aka Chesty La Rue. Taking aim with a stubber. One of the scenarios saw us taking on three Ork Kommandos. This guy was dressed like a ninja.
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