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Invisible Hover Bikes

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I finished the second highlight on the black this week but didn't get much more painting in beyond that. I'd like to finish the black next week and start on the Shuriken Catapults. While I'm painting them I'm also going to paint my newly converted Void Spinner barrels and finally get those finished up.

Epic Eldar Falcon Hulls

I'm hoping that the Vypers will get the fan treatment at somepoint, until that happens though I'll need a stand in. I cleaned, primed and basecoated these guys this week as well.

Epic Eldar Vypers

Finally, a gold star to the person who figures out what these are for. :P

Mystery Bases

The Long War

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Painting black always seems to take the longest, right up until I start painting orange... Anyway, first black highlight is done and the second has been started (outside edges and air intakes). Once I finish that I just have the corner and point highlights for it.

Epic Eldar Falcon Hulls


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I did the black on a dozen more tank hulls, and started on most of the first highlight on all 18. These are going to be my Falcons, Fire Prisms and Night Spinners. I'm converting turrets for all of them, and looking to magnetize the Falcons and Fire Prisms.

Epic Eldar Falcon Hulls

The end goal here is a Saim-Hann army for Fall In!, it's a lot of painting and converting though so we'll see how I do.

Epic Squats

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I haven't been painting much recently, but I've been doing a bit of building and re-basing of my Squats. I'd like to get these all primed, with their bases done and they're nearly there. There's also a few more things (Land Train, Steel Hawks, War Hawks, Mole Mortars) that still need to be built, and I need to source 3 more Hearthguard models (that's the one empty base).

Epic Squat Infantry

When the Mole Mortars are done my infantry will almost completely fill this tray except for a small .125"x.5" area. For some reason that's tremendously satisfying.

Epic Squat Infantry Epic Squat Vehicles

Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament: Up to Eleven

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Here's some pics from the games we had this past weekend. We ended up with 18 people after two dropped the day of. Some pick-up games were played Friday (including a couple Warmaster games), three tournament rounds were had on Saturday, and then six of us hung around for a few more games on Sunday. Anyway, enjoy the pics!

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