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Hanging Out With a 15mm American Rifleman

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I've had these Flames of War models sitting around for a few years now. With some talk of 15mm Konflikt '47 about I thought I'd sneak one onto the desk last night and see how they paint up. Handily, he'll be able to pull double duty in some Chain of Commands games as well. I went for late war, so M43 uniform.

15mm American Rifleman 15mm American Rifleman

The Last of the 15mm GZG New Israeli

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I finished the last four prone troopers I had from my first batch of New Israeli that I picked up some 10+ years ago. I'm still thinking on the basing.

GZG New Israeli Troopers

During the GZG Christmas sale I picked up a few reinforcements, and while they technically weren't on it they were bench adjacent. So I built them all up, then based, primed, base coated and washed them all so they're ready to go when I come back to them.

GZG New Israeli Reinforcements GZG New Israeli Speeders and Support Weapons
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