The Navel Brigade

I haven't updated in awhile as I've been renovating our downstairs bathroom. As that's been wrapping up I've been getting some more time to paint 6mm stuff again. I've completed the cockpit glass, weapons and engines on the Falcon hulls. Now comes the long slog through the orange.

One hull got the first highlight. I edge highlight most of the tank, then go back and to the outside/higher edges with a lighter orange. After that I do the sharper corners lighter and finally put a dot of my lightest color right at the corner.


Thirteen Months in the Making

The last time the Void Spinners saw paint was July of last year, and I've finally got arround to making and painting the barrels for them. I wasn't a fan of the lack of detail on the Specialist Games versions so I useds some Forge World Night Spinner barrels instead. Thanks to the close-up there's some cleanup I have to do on a few of them still, but I hope to finish them up with the Shuriken Catapults on the Falcon hulls.

Speaking of, I finished the black and started on the blue weapons. Those should finish up next week, then it's on to the engines and cockpit glass. Then a whole lot of orange...


Invisible Hover Bikes

I finished the second highlight on the black this week but didn't get much more painting in beyond that. I'd like to finish the black next week and start on the Shuriken Catapults. While I'm painting them I'm also going to paint my newly converted Void Spinner barrels and finally get those finished up.

I'm hoping that the Vypers will get the fan treatment at somepoint, until that happens though I'll need a stand in. I cleaned, primed and basecoated these guys this week as well.

Finally, a gold star to the person who figures out what these are for. :P


The Long War

Painting black always seems to take the longest, right up until I start painting orange... Anyway, first black highlight is done and the second has been started (outside edges and air intakes). Once I finish that I just have the corner and point highlights for it.