Get Your Anti-Gravitic Motor Running

I've been working on the Jetbikes for the last two weeks. Just the orange highlights are left at this point as well as the decals.

I didn't have these ready for Fall In!, but they're going to be getting some paint early next year I think, six custom Night Spinner turrets. I used most of the Forgeworld turret, just replacing the cockpit glass with some from fan-made proxies.

These didn't make it down to Fall In! either but I'm hoping to finish them before the end of the year and EpiComp. They're my Wild Riders, I decided to paint them up in Sunblitz Brotherhood colors.


Pics from Fall In! 2018

I ran a Warmaster Revolution tournament this past Friday down at Fall In!, and played in an Epic Armageddon tournament on Saturday. Great games and great armies. Enjoy the pics!

Fall In! 2018 Warmaster Tournament

Fall In! 2018 Epic Armageddon Tournament


More Bikes!

I finished the orange highlights this week on the Vypers and tidied up the base edges as well. They'll get some seal coats this weekend and maybe some grass tufts along with the Falcon hulls.

I started on the Jetbikes yesterday too, just to get some paint on them for Fall In.


Mr. Farseer's Wild Ride

I finished converting my Jetbike Farseer this week. I removed the Guardian's torso and right arm, and got the Farseer's torso in there as a replacement. I then puttied the robes around what was left of the body and used a staple as the base for the right arm. On that went the Farseer's right hand and spear, and I used a staple again as the haft of the spear.

I only got one night of painting in this week, so the Vypers only got their gems done and their first coat of orange.

I did take one Vyper to completion just to see what it looked like highlighted. The only thing I went back and changed was to add some black in the engine exhaust areas.