More Poop Deck, More Swabbing

I've been slogging through the decking, nearly done with this batch just two more ships to go.

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet

Budapest Class Light Battleship


Swabbing the Austro-Hungarian Poop Deck

Work continues on the Aeronef. The decks got their base coat and wash, and I managed to paint the highlights on five of them.

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet

Honved Class Rocket Nef

I also took one to completion, it got its funnel, turrets, windows and colors done up. Like I said before, I'm not looking to go overboard with these. Just a serviceable, table-top paint job.

Lussin Class Rocket Patrol Nef


For the Glory of... Austro-Hungary?

I picked up some Austro-Hungarian Aeronef cheap at the start of the year on eBay. My buddy Matt and I intend on playing some games with them. He has, in fact, procured the age old enemies of the Austro-Hungarians, the Japanese. We're likely going to bash a few rule sets together into something that's quick and fun.

Austro-Hungarian Aeronef

Lussin class Rocket Patrol Nef

I've got a few more things left to build (battleships, fixed wings and a carrier) but this is the lion's share of them. Just a simple base, wash and drybrush. I've got a few details left to do but I don't think I'm going to go full orange Eldar on these.


Falcons, Spears and Revenants, Oh My

I finished the first of the six Falcon turrets last Friday right before NEAT. The next six are going to be magnetised so I can swap them out for Fire Prism turrets (haven't started on those yet though).




I also did some conversion work earlier this week on my Revenants. I did some leg swaps to add some pose variety and magnetized the weapons. I have some Vibrocannon arm conversions to work on and a bit of puttying to do before these see paint.


Finally, I finished up the lances and gems on the Shining Spears last night, and put on their decals as well. They'll need a bit of touch up and bases edges before they get top coated.

Shining Spears

Shining Spears