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Shieldbash Vidaar Fyrdee

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I've been working on terrain this past month but needed to finish up my trophy miniature for the upcoming Shieldbash Invitation Tournament III. Here he is, in all his glory.

SHIT Trophy SHIT Trophy

There wasn't much room on the trophy itself so I had to get creative. I was hoping to do a giraffe head on the innertube but ran out of time. I also finished up four Fyrdee for my Vidaar warband. Now back to terrain.

Vidaar Fyrdee Vidaar Fyrdee

15mm Roman Velites

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I finished up the Velites tonight, the line infantry also has their basecoat of red down as well. I have a small local con coming up where I volunteered to run some Warmaster games so I'm going to take a break from these for a bit to finish up some 10mm terrain. Hopefully I'll be back to painting them in September.

Roman Velites Roman Velites

15mm Roman Velites and Epic Armored Company Thunderers

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I've been working on the Velites these past few weeks. Most of the colors have their basecoat down and I'm halfway through painting the red.

Roman Velites

I also finished up some more Epic armor conversions recently, notably Thunderers which have 18 pieces of plasticard on them.

Epic Conquerors and Executioners Epic Thunderers

15mm Cretan Archers

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I started off my Polybian Romans with not painting any Romans at all, but Cretan Archers. I'll be using these as skirmishers. These are closer to true 15mm than the Romans (more 18mm). I'm telling myself that the Romans were just better fed.

Cretan Archers Cretan Archers
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