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Command Time

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No painting this week, Monday was taken up by conversion and putty work. I finished the conversions I wanted to do on my Silverhelm Command. A gold star to the first person who can spot them all!

High Elf Silver Helms

I converted up a General as well. I was originally going to go with a the Tyrion model from the SoC character pack but was pretty underwhelmed with the model once I got my hands on it. The sculpting definitely isn't on the same level as the original WM elves. I ended up putting the top of a Griffon Riders helm on one of the character pack Silverhelms. I'm going to try resculpting the eye detail over the weekend, we'll see how that goes. I think it's pretty close to the Warhammer Tryion model, just with more barding. And in 10mm...

High Elf General

Finally, a quick conversion I did last night to see if it'll actually work before I do a trade for the parts. I put an Ork SM2 Battlewagon turret barrel on an SM/TL Chaos Havoc. Works for me.

Chaos Space Marine Havoc

Just the Bases Please

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After some additional paint sessions (made possible to a hurt wrist and subsequent lack of the ability to climb) the second pokey brigade is all painted up. They're currently sitting in some water to loosen the glue so I can take them off the cardboard and base them up tonight. Not sure if I'll be able to complete the basing tonight what with drying times and what not but either way they'll be ready to go for tomorrow's WM day.

High Elf Spearelves

The decals were easier this time around as I saved the shield highlights until after they were on. I'm pretty happy with how all the designs came out but thing the white hawk is my favorite due to the amount on contrast with the red.

High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves

Red Again

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I finished up the spear hafts and leather this past week and started in on the red again. I'm hoping it'll go quicker than last time, as I now know not to highlight it until after the decals are on the shields.

High Elf Spearelves

Aside from the red all that's left is the hair, decals, touchup and basing. It'll be tight but I should be able to get them done before next Saturay's game up in New Hampster.

High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves

Same Elves, Different Day

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Not a whole lot of progress over the holidays, still hoping to have these done for the 21st though. I've been working on repairing the spears that broke a month or two back, it's been slow going though as my glue isn't cooperating with the low humidity and cold weather.

The wood is nearly done on all of these, once I get to the leather and hair I'll hit all of those with a brown wash. Then it's on to the red, decals and touchup.

High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves
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