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Epic Flawless Host Noise Marines Finished Up

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I ended up going with a seafoam green for the Blast Masters on the Noise Marines. I think it sets them apart nicely from the rest. THese are all finished up now, aside for topcoats and flocking. I'll get to that down the road when I have a few more things in the queue for the airbrush.

Flawless Host Noise Marines Flawless Host Noise Marines

Epic Flawless Host Noise Marines

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I've been working on these Noise Marines in the Flawless Host scheme for the last month or so. Thoughts on the actual Noise Marine model? I'm not sure on the weapon, specifically. I'm wondering if I should add some color somewhere.

Flawless Host Noise Marines

Anyway, they're almost done bar the basing and Noise Marines. These Epic 40k era plastic figures have a crazy ammount of detail on them, and I'm compelled to try and paint all of it (hense the long paint time). Sourcing the standard marines was slightly easier than straight Noise Marines so I just did a single one per stand to represent the Blast Master they have.

Flawless Host Noise Marines

The Icon Bearer is stock, but I put a pin head on the bottom of his plinth and a magnet in the base so I can pop him on there when I need it. Not sure what I'm going to do with the banner yet, maybe just a Flawless Host decal.

Flawless Host Icon Bearer

The Champion is a Berzerker conversion, I head swapped a Daemoneete head on to it.

Flawless Host Champion of Slaanesh

Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament XVI

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NEAT went down two Saturdays ago. We had 19 players slugging it out over three rounds throughout the day. Jon's Necrons and Chris's Speed Freeks went undefeated, with Jon coming out on top with slightly more objectives across the day. Pics are below, enjoy!

Rob and I played Friday afternoon and switched armies. I took his Marines and he my Minervans. He doesn't take a Supreme Commander, who does that? The first assault on the Shadowsword did not go well for me... The armored company makes its presence known. Tacticals go to town on the Exterminators. Scouts and Thunderers, toe to toe! Conquerors and Hellhounds swinging around on the BTS. Meanwhile, Karl and Kal played some Triumph! Karl's Tibetans charge down Kal's Byzantine. Coach gave his tournament World Eater list a go against my Minervans. Ed and Karl played some Black Seas. Ed's fancy rigging. My final game for Friday was my Saim-hann versus Moscovian's Beil-tan. I got BTS turn 1 after a luck crit on the Phantom and a subsequent Falcon deluge of AT, so we called it there. Meanwhile, Darius's Ferals ready to roll. Kal's Sisters look to purge the Xenos threat. Kal had some fancy new prints. Light 'em up! Darius's nephew printed him some Steam Gargant proxies. Ya mule! Boarboyz getting to where the getting is good. First round of NEAT proper, Andy's Mega Gargant lit up! Mega 2 And Mega 3, and that's the army! Karl's newly minted Novamarines' first company playing hacky sack with Shawn's Skitarii. Strong Sardaukar vibes. Jimmy's Red Corsairs with a few inducted Squats. They face DwarfSupreme's Knights. Frank's Eldar army had 133% more activations than Andy's Gargant mob. The Warlock Titan, ready to blast some Necrons to scrap. Darius's Junkatrukks at the starting line. They face Ben's Iyanden. Kal's sisters keeping their flamers warm. PortableZombie's Speed Freeks cunningly camouflage with the terrain. The Red Horde Coach's Hell Talons light up Connor's Valkyries. Maybe little pinch?!? Nick's Salamanders hold up in the rubble. Jimmy's Silver Towers ready to blaze away. Shawn's Skitarii hunting Terminators. Gunslinger's new Necrons take on Frank's Fir Iolorian Things are getting steamy. Jimmy has crabs. Connor's airforce strafing Coach's World Eaters. The armored company waits for the smoke the clear. Rob's Hound, on the prowl. Nick's Salamanders advancing cautiously. Darius's Ferals rise up against Andy's oppressive Bad Moons! Victor's Warhound supports the Kreig line. Bill's Phoenix hitting the artillery. I think they said this assault went 3 rounds? The steamers take on a big boy. Chris's Speed Freeks out camouflage Eric's! Rob's Tacticals shoot up the Nick's Assault Marines. Frank's Eldar are reeling from Gunslinger's Necron onslaught. Victor's Kriegsmen grabbing cover where they can. Kal's Sisters take on the Wraithlords. Coach's World Eaters right where Connor's Minvervans don't want them. Things get ugly. My Hell-Striders get all up in Tim's Knight's personal space. Hell-Scourges dance with Wardens. Ben's ankle biting Avatar. Victor's Death-riders and Hellhound support. Shawn's Skitarii taking a pounding. Shawn's robots hold an objective. Victor's Kriegmens grabbing cover in uberChris's lovely new terrain. Darius's feral horde advances. We don't know where we'z goin', all we know iz we iz on da wayz! Connor's Valks waiting to pounce. Russes square off against Nick's Salamanders. Nick's Whirlwinds holding the blitz. Karl's Terminators checking out the local real estate. Kal's Sisters battling Eric's Speed Freeks. Looking smart on Gunslinger's table. Gunslinger's Necrons coming in hot. They take on Moscocian's Eldar. We have skulls! Rob's Marines take on the skulls. I've still got it. This is how you roll a 7 on a d6. Shawn's Skitarii taking some fire. Frank's Eldar Titan legion light up some Ferals. Too bad Darius has a few more. Connor's infantry grab some cover. Any landing Chris's Scout Bikes can drive away from is a good landing. Karl's THawk takes on the horde. Kal's Sisters advance on Eric's Speed Freeks. Battlefortresses roll out to meet them. Still going strong some 30 years later. Moscovian's Guardians steal an objective. Coach's Lord of Battles taking its licks. Shawn's AdMech moving up. Frank's Eldar are running out of space to move. Conor's Chimera now moving much faster with no infantry to carry. Warbikes to the left of me, Scorcha's to the right... Into this lovely shaded grove! Red ones, going fasta. The Deff Skwadron coming in hot! Victor's Shadowswords looking for Battlefortresses. Getting some sun on the roof. Frank's Revenants looking to blast some Marines. Nick's Marines, staying well out of line of sight. Coach's World Eaters face off against Gunslingers Necrons in one of the two title matches. 'Ere we go! Touring the dorms. Shawn's Skitarii hanging out. Rob's hound looking to blast them. Kal's Sisters battle Darius's Ferals again. Boarboyz for days! Get em', boyz. 0! 0! 0! Jimmy's Corsairs and Karl's Terminators slug it out. Beware the doser blade! Title match table 2, Moscovian vs Chris. Choppy choppy! Dey has ignore cover! Fire, and lots of it. Shawn's Skitarii Army Shot Eric's Speed Freeks Army Shot Karl's Novamarines Army Shot Frank's Eldar Titan Army Shot
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