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15mm Polybian Roman Principes

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I finished up my principes for a game of Triumph! this Saturday. I should be able to get them some bases by then too. I need to start figuring out what I'm going to do for all their shields. I'll probably track down some design and make decals for them.

Roman Principes Roman Principes

Epic Armored Company: Another Year in Review

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Nothing new here, just some shots for EpiComp and a look back at 2022 Epic-wise. Not a whole lot of progress but I painted a fair bit of 15mm Americans and Romans last year. Not sure if I'll return to these guys this year. I've still got plenty Imperial Guard left to paint but I may move on to another Epic army for NEAT. We'll see, maybe I'll change my mind and paint some infantry for Steal Legion.

Epic Armored Company Epic Demolishers Epic Thunderer Epic Objectives

Angels Sanguine Troll

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Well, if you're going to troll one friend you might as well troll another. Same deal as last time, except Brother Sassus of the Angels Sanguine (not Blood Angels!) is now all painted up. I'm pretty happy with how the red came out. I throw him on the decal and basing que as well.

Angels Sanguine Angels Sanguine

Angel of Redemption Troll

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So a few of us within the Adeptus Ineptus have been tossing around idea of playing 40k second edition and one guy came in so hot and heavy for the Dark Angels the other day I felt compelled towards a bit of joshing. Enter Brother Sassus of the Angels of Redemption (not Dark Angels!). Maybe I'll do an army one day, but in the meantime I settle for making a chapter decal for him and finishing the base.

Angel of Redemption Angel of Redemption

15mm Polybian Roman Triarii

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Back to the Romans! I finished up my Triarii this week and also spent some time putting together bases for everything.

Roman Triarii

Now I have usable units for Triumph! and can use the figures in a skirmish game as well. Next up is the Principes, cavalry and then I need to figure out the shields. I'm looking at some sort of decal at this point.

15mm Polybian Romans
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