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Epic House Devine Slaanesh Knights

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Another super-secret project. I'm looking to finish this army for our upcoming local tournament NEAT. We'll see how far I get, things are mostly built as of today. I need to finish some Defiler conversions at somepoint and do some putty work on these knights.

Epic House Devine

To add some variety I did some leg swapping and combining on the Hell-Knights and Hell-Scourges. I also swapped the weapons as well to add to the chaotic vibe.

Epic House Devine Hell-Scourge Epic House Devine Questor

The Questors saw the most conversion, with scratch built Castigator cannons and battlecannon swaps to make them WYSIWYG.

Epic House Devine Hell-Knight

Finally, the Subjugators got some leg swaps as well. I found the Questor legs to be a bit too short so I added risers to the feet to beef them up. Up next is the puttying and priming.

Epic House Devine Subjugator

TravelBattle Blücher

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I'd like to eventually play Lasalle with these TravelBattle French but there's not quite enough there for a standard game. Between that and painting an opposing force I thought I'd remove one obstacle by laser cutting some sabots to use with Blücher.

TravelBattle French Based for Blücher

Two Lasalle stands per Blücher base will make for a decent sized force, now all I have to do is paint an oppsing force. :P

8mm Napoleonic French Fusiliers

The bases are the global standard 1.75"×1.25". Odd, but it allows me to stick some mini card sleeves underneath to keep track of the units and their abilities during the game. Additionally, a BW of 1.75" means my 30"×40" printed mat is the perfect size for a game.

8mm Napoleonic French Hussars 8mm Napoleonic French Carabiniers-à-Cheval
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