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Dwarves Aren't Just Going to Blue Themselves

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I'm gaming tonight so I won't get getting any further on these guys this week. The blue shade and base color are down, it needs 1-2 highlights next and I made hit it with a wash to see if I like it better that way. Leathers, flesh, hair and basing to go!

Warmaster Dwarves Warmaster Dwarf Warriors Warmaster Dwarf Thunderers Warmaster Dwarf Anvil of Doom (+2) Warmaster Dwarf Butts

Blue Dwarf Group

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The wood and white have now been finished up and I started in on the blue on the dwarves. This is going to be a long one, I think. There's a lot of small areas that I'll need to be careful on. After that it's leathers, flesh and hair. Fourish weeks left before Fall In, still hoping to make it.

Warmaster Dwarves Warmaster Dwarf Command Warmaster Warrior Butts Warmaster Dwarf Thunderers Warmaster Dwarf Anvil of Doom (+2)

Dwarves: The Natural Choice for an Army Painting Sprint

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The last meaningful work I did on my Warmaster Dwarves was seven years ago (nearly to the day). I'd been humming and hawing about a Warmaster army for awhile now, and settled on the Dwarves when I got back from Scotland a few weeks ago. Since then I've finished the silver and gold, and laid down the first layer for the wood. I have no idea if I'll get these to a usable state before Fall In! in November, but I'm trying.

Warmaster Dwarves Warmaster Dwarf Hero Warmaster Dwarf Command Warmaster Dwarf Anvil of Doom (+2)
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