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Adepitcon 2013 Warmaster

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Here's the Warmaster portion of my Adepticon 2013 experience. Four of us played three 2k games over the course of last Friday. My High Elves faced down Jordan's Undead, Nat's Dark Elves and Eric's Chaos army. Good games all.

My cav ready to fight. The infantry block. Jordan's Cav Some skeletons and a kitty. Right Flank Left Flank Elven brigades advance up their left flank. The Sword Masters hang back. The cav sigh with relief after not being charges in the flank. Occupying a hill. The first clash of the game. Jordan's Cav After pushing the Undead back, the Elves initative into them. Forming up for the second wave. Waiting for a cav charge that never came. Fighting for break. Hot Elf on Elf Action! Nat's Cold One Riders Dark Elf Missile Line Corsairs! Harpies The cav collide. Elves shooting thins out the darkling lines. The Cold Ones and Silver Helms bounced in the end. Into them! What I brought to the tourney. Eric's Hounds Infantry Block 'o Death More Harpies Reavers The Chaos Warriors charge the Archers and Sword Masters The Reavers fend off some Ogres.

Sword Masters - Nearly There

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The Sword Masters are almost done. I just have to finishing painting the bases and then flock them (and fix a few mistakes the macro function showed me). One banner I took from the Warhammer High Elf book, the other is the Alaitoc Craftword rune.

High Elf Sword Masters High Elf Sword Masters High Elf Sword Master Hero
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