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More Titans and Titan-Traction

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Got another group of eight Command Horizon infantry assembled and built this week. They're ready for basing and priming, hopefully I'll get to that this weekend.

Command Horizon Infantry

These are T10 Wolf tanks from GZG all set to be based and primed.

T10 Wolf Tanks

I worked on these guys the majority of the week. The blue has its shade, base and first highlight coat down. I should be able to finish their other highlights this week.


Deus Malleus Walks

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The Command Horizon troops and their GZG APCs were finished this week, complete with a gloss/dullcote and the silfor tufts. Two more of these formations to go. :P

Hard Sci-fi

I also finished the Warlord's weapons and base, and named it Deus Malleus (God Hammer). After took this I realized I missed the Mechanicus symbol so I've still got to do that. I'd still like to but some heraldry on him, anyone know a company that prints custom white decals?

Deus Malleus

I started work on the Warhounds this week. The metal is done and one of them has had the base put down for the blue.


A Shiny Heiny

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Just some work on the Warlord this week. I managed to take some better pictures of it this week thanks to a little indirect lighting. I decided to go with a white faceplate (thought it looked good) and blue armor plating on the weapons. I still have to finish up the black and metal on the weapons, do the Mechanicus symbol and then the base but he's almost done.

Warlord Warlord Left Side Warlord Right Side Shiny Heiny

A Titan and Titan-Traction

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I got some of the detail work done on the infantry last week. I just need to finish the highlight on the khaki, touch up the green and black, and do the bases. I'm looking forward to seeing what a formation looks like with the Silfor tufts.

Titan Traction

I also did the highlights on the Warlord. I think I'm going to go back and clean them up some more though. Sorry for the glare, the citadel washes give everything a sheen that makes it difficult to photograph.

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