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Test Painting the Imperial Guard Armoured Company

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Most of the building is finished, I just need to sculpt a few more arms on the Commissar markers. I also got the tanks glued to the bases. I used 30 minute epoxy for this, as I wanted something a little more supstantial that super glue.

Turan Armoured Company

I came up with a heavy flamer for the Salamander Command, they're a multi-melta from the plastic Squat Trikes. I reworked the barrels a little bit to look more flamer-ish.

Salamander Command Vehicle

The Baneblades are all done as well. They got twin heavy bolter sponsons, a new heavy bolter in hull turret, and new lascannon barrels that made them match the Leman Russ more.


The Stormhammers all got their heavy bolter turrets as well. They weren't too bad once I drilled out the old barrel.


Finally, here's more first pass on the color scheme. Thoughts? I was shooting for something suitably 90s GW. It's not to the level of the Eldar, more a tabletop level I think.

Leman Russ Exterminator Leman Russ Exterminator
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