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Hi ho, Hi ho...

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Work continues on the Dwarves. I finished cleaning up the half-naked Troll Slayers this week. These will be a hoot to paint, maybe I can try for some tattoos on them.

Warmaster Dwarf Troll Slayers

Also, this is my "Dragon Slayer" hero. The idea is that he'll be being "held back" by his two minders until he's allowed to jump in the fray (the other dwarves get upset when he kills everything before they can get a chance).

Troll Slayer Hero

And this in my Rune Priest, sans anvil. Just some weapon swaps here.

Rune Priest

I also managed to finish building my artillery. I learned from the High Elf bolt throwers that it'll be easier to paint the crew on the base, base it and then add the cannon on later.


Same goes for the Flame Cannons. These came with an extra bit that looked like one of Wile E. Coyote's Acme dynamite detonators. I have no idea where it was supposed to go (even after looking at pics of the 28mm Flame Cannon) so I left it off.


Finally, the Gynrocopters are all set as well. I used clear acrylic rods to base them.


Also, a bit of progress on the MoW stuff. I tried out my Iron Fist conversion using a War Galley. It still needs some putty work but I think it looks a lot better than the stock one. I also got a type cog out of the deal too!

Iron Fist

Now with more games nobody plays!

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I've been waffling between a bunch of projects lately so progress is sporadic. I have started bulding my Dwarves though, they've been easy to bring along and prep the last month or so. These are my Rangers, I managed to separate all the models from one-another so I can stagger them on the bases and make them look a little more skirmishy.

Warmaster Dwarf Rangers

The Thunderers are all set too, and since I had some room on the strips I added two heroes and my general to them.

Warmaster Dwarf Thunderers

The general's just a regular hero with a weapon swap, guarded by the halberdiers from the Throne of Power pack.

Warmaster Dwarf Characters

The heroes are a "Warrior hero" and a "Thunderer hero". I've also got parts to do a "Dragonslayer hero".

Warmaster Dwarf Characters

I'm also been working on an Empire fleet for Man O' War. I've built most of the ships at this point, all that's left are some Iron Fists (which I plan to convert as the lack of oars on the model bugs me) and the masts.

Man O'War Empire Man O'War Empire Wargalleys

I also made bases for them using wood putty, plastic card and washers (to help them slide easier on the table top). In true Dave form I painted one up, liked it, and tried to do the other but couldn't get them to the same point. So I'm starting again on them all and doing them all at the same time.

Sea Base

Best Friend Ever...

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So here's what I've been working on in secret this past month, a birthday present for my buddy Matt. Matt has an Emperor's Children army loaded with various double innuendos, sexual entendres and sketchy vans. One of the things lacking however are the various cult troops. Now he has Noisemarines but never bothered painting the others as they don't really fit the fluff. I set out to rectify the situation by creating some Slaanesh influenced cult troopers.

Essentially these Marines are part of the Cult Marine Exchange Program. After a brief stay with the Emperor's Children however none of the parent legions wanted any of their troops back for various reasons eluded to below.

Emperor's Children Cult Marines

The Khorne Berzerkers that found their way into the EC were denied re-entrance into the World Eaters Legion because their fellow legionaries found their ball gags and dominance issues more than a little disturbing, that and they didn't even know where to start with the assless chaps... This suited the newly renamed S&M Berzerkers of Slaanesh just fine as the concept of the "safe-word" that the World Eaters were trying to introduce to them was frankly too confusing.

Emperor's Children Berserkers

The Plaguemarines of Nurgle were denied re-admittance to the Deathguard for fear that the various strains of herpes and the clap that they brought with them would decimate legion morale and require too many raids on cranberry agri-worlds. The STD Plaguemarines of Slaanesh returned to the EC where resistance to such infections is higher.

Emperor's Children Plague Marines

The sorcerers of the Thousand Sons that came by to pick up the exchange Rubric Marines simply left in disgust. Apparently there was a mix up in the shipping department when the Rubric Marines arrived and their container was mistaken for one filled with sex dolls for the legionaries. Apparently the new paint jobs and modifications the EC fitted the suits with was beyond the sorcerers' tenets of good taste...

Emperor's Children Rubric Marines

In an attempt to rectify the situation the EC fashioned some nice Tzeentch blue speedos for the suits and tried to return them to the Thousand Sons. The offer was politely denied by the Sons however as the amount of cleaning the suits would have to endure wasn't cost effective for the legion. The EC ended up keeping the suits and dubbed them the Thousand Sex Dolls.

Emperor's Children Rubric Marines


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NEAT V only saw 10 people as our regular opponents from New Hampshire and Pennsylvania weren't able to make it this year. The local diehards still got together though to roll some dice and battle it out for the coveted Dice of Dave and bragging rights for the following year.

9am, time for Epic. Karl's Orks line up. They face Eric's Orks. Tim's Am arrayed for battle. Matt's IG prepare to shoot them plenty. Scarik's Minervans. Rob's Marines. Dey see me death roll'n. Dey hate'n. Karl's Chubby Junior Matt's IG take to cover. Tim's Russes hide behind the Hydras. The Summon Pumilio heads into battle once again. Chris' Black Legion is all their painted* glory. *ignore all unpainted models Coach's Space Wolves. Tim's Russes finally outpace the Hydra and lay some hurt on some of Matt's IG. The Stormtroopers and Mech platoon advance. The ballsiest Land Speeder there ever was. Demolishers hide admist the ruins. A mech platoon advances. Warboss Karl has no need for cover. Eric's Fighta-bommerz straffe some Big Gunz. A Blitz Brigade advances under fire. Grey Hunters take on some Predators. Swiftclaws sneaking around. The Forlorn Hope hold a woods. Some Skitarii head towards the hurt. Infantry watch as a Shadowsword goes hunting. Terminators, Annihilators and Warhounds beat up on some Russes. Iron Warriors and Space Wolves continue to fight over an Ork settlement. Death Skulls race to protect the pointy building. Stompas in time-out, staring at a wall. Danger zone! Skyclaws in the open taunt the Iron Warriors in cover. A Mech platoon right in the middle of it. Guardsmen out of cover? Truly a tactic of the desperate. Stormtroopers bring the pain. The artillery park. Skyclaws sitting pretty after taking out the Iron Warrior BTS. The other flank is a little worse for wear. Grey Hunters taking a pounding. Death Skulls perform a tactical retreat. Eric's 8th Air Force. Round 2 for Scarik's Minervans. They face down Tim's AM. Matt's Shadowsword ready for another go. It faces down Eric's horde. While Coach's Wolves take on Karl's Orks. Complete with their shiny new dice from NEAT IV. Chris hates the Paparazzi. He just wants to live a normal life. Tim's Skitarii move into the abandoned Ork settlement. Scarik's Stormhammers move up. The Iron Warriors take hold of a sketchy van. Karl's Big Gunz hold down a building. Coach's Supreme Commadner readies the troops. Long Fangs in position. The stunted children of Chubby and Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man... Sneaky bikes again. Ruth borrowed Matt's Emporer's Children to keep the day's debauchery quota for the day up. The dropped in behind Chris's Iron Warriors. Classy... The Russes move up. Tim's Skitarii occupy a building. Once again down to one Hydra. Ordinatus of Doom (+2). Hellblades head straight for the Danger Zone. Coach's Whirlwinds take some rokkits. Matt's Stormtroopers hold the line. Eric's Blitz Brigade awaiting its orders. Go buggies go! Guardsmen hoofing it. The lines meet. The Blue Raptor Cult didn't have enough cow bell. Still holding that building. Stormhammers moving up. Russes on the hunt. Maye little pinch? Fighta Bommerz straffe the Shadowsword. The HQ took a pounding. Wolves hold down an objective. Orks lay on the dakka. Staunch opposition. Warboss Karl leads from the front. Raptors take on a bike formation. A rather arachnid like Feral. A Decimator holds an objective. Demolishers rush through the streets. Russes head offroad. Grey Hunters advance up the middle. Eric's Orks visit home. Bommerz hit the HQ. Children of the Grim-Dark beware... Pinchy death. Buggies hot dogging. Out of the safety of the building the Grey Hunters take some punishment. Bikes and Boars looking for something to krump. The Iron Warriors hold their line against the IC. Skyclaws prepare to take on some Orks. Still no cow bell. Round 3, Karl's Orks vs Rob's Marines. Rob's Ultramarines prepare to clear some Ork squatters. Chris decides to try out my scenario, only to bitch about it. Eric joins in too (with the bitching). Here they are having a horrible time together. Ruth's Decimator prepares to grind forward yet again in the battle for Dave's Dice. Tim's AM hopes to win, so atleast there's half a chance he won't get the Dice of Dave. Eric's Orks make a rush towards the center to cut Chris's frontline troops off. The Feral is nonplussed. Matt risks intermingling his entire army in effort to stave off Coach's THawk assault. The Wolves take a pounding in their deployment zone. Karl's Bikes and Boars move up. Rob's Marines prepare to give them hell. Stubby Junior advances. Danger Zone! Armies clash. Fighta Bommerz put some pluss into the Feral. A Blitz Brigade on the move. Iron Warriros hold one objective. Wolves clash with Guard amidst the ruins of a grey pyramid. The Boyz might be in trouble... Rokkitz in the pooper. IC hold a big open area. The Blue Raptor Cult still looking for that cow bell. The Skitarii take fire as the Russes advance.
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