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They see me GayRollin...

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Another year, another gift for my buddy Matt. A Death Wheel is one of the few units that he doesn't have for his Emperor's Children army, so taking a cue from The Oatmeal's lovely comic about the word literally I set out to make him one. This is what I came up with, the GayRoller 40k!

The GayRoller 40k

And the end result, all painted up, looks like this. Happy birthday Matt! Ya douche...

The GayRoller 40k

Swabbing the Poop Deck

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Some odd ball stuff this week. First up are some Warmaster Dwarf Hammerers.

Dwarf Hammerers

They'll be serving as Warriors (perhaps to denote a magic item) and or body guards of the thane.

Dwarf Hammerer Strip

And next, a return to the Man O' War Empire fleet that I started a year ago. I've finally got all the ships and bases to the point where I can paint them all at the same time (important as I regularly paint things at different times that are slightly different from one another).

Man O'War Empire Fleet

These Ironfist conversions were the biggest hold up (specifically, not being motivated to make them). I took the mortar end from the regular Ironfist, cut it off, and glued it on to the oar end of a metal Wargalley. It bothered me that the Ironfist had the same stats as the Wargalley but looked so different/didn't have oars.

Man O'War Empire Ironfist


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I never got around to taking pictures of the Thunderhawks I finished up in June. Here's all three of them.


Aside from these, the only other things I'd like to paint for my Marines is a Reaver and some EA Thunderbolts and Marauders. Hoping to have them done and maybe decal the Marines this year.

Thunderhawks Thunderhawks
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