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Converting Epic Hydras and Stormswords

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Slow but steady progress on the next batch of tanks. I finished up the Hydra this week. I wasn't a fan of the Space Marine/Titan Legion era Hydra, the autocannons pointing straight up in the air with no means of tracking aircraft seemed pretty dumb to me. This is the conversion I came up with.

Epic Hydras

I modeled it after the Epic 40k era Hydra, cutting and pinning the autocannons to the side of a Manticore weapon platform with its missiles filed off. I used a plasticard channel to get everything level with the top of the tracks, and a greeble that I cut off of the autocannons onto the back of the chasis. I got the idea from a TacComm post some ten years ago.

Epic Hydra

I also started work on the Stormswords this week. They'll be getting some heavy bolters and flamers next.

Epic Leman Russ Vanquishers

Imperial Guard Armoured Company: Part Deux

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I started building my next batch of thirty-ish tanks. I plan to finish the last two super-heavies, along with another artillery, Leman Russ and support option again. First up are the Vanquishers, these got elongated barrels. I still have to go back and drill out for the hatch/Commissar plugs.

Epic Leman Russ Vanquishers

For artillery this time around I went with Bombards. I used chimera chasis hulls instead of the Russ chasis they came with (that's now called a Collussus I think) with the bombard mortar sans shell crane. Epic Bombards

The Demolishers got their heavy plasma cannon sponsons, but I'm still thinking on the turrets. A shortened barrel looks a little too "phoned-in". I got to see what else I can come up with here.

Epic Leman Russ Demolishers

Finally, I flocked the Exterminators to see what that's going to look like. This was pretty much what I did for my Knights so I'll likely continue it with this army as they're both Space Marine/Titan Legion era.

Epic Leman Russ Exterminators

Epic Stormhammers

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The Stormhammers got finished up last night. I ended up adding four more heavy bolters per tank to make them WYSIWYG. They originally had four total in Epic: Raiders and on the model, but a long standing typo for twin heavy bolters was officially adopted this year.

Epic Stormhammers

At this point, all of what I've built has been painted. Back to the conversion table next for another handful of tanks.

Epic Turan Armoured Company
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