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Epic House Devine, Flocked, Tufted and Topcoated

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I topcoated the Slaanesh knights this week, then added some flock and a few alien tufts. They're done for real this time.

House Devine Knights House Devine Hell-Knights House Devine Hell-Scourge House Devine Hell-Striders

I working on converting some Debasers (Slaanesh Defilers) as well as some infantry and other titans.


Epic House Devine Pretty Much Done

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I didn't quite get as far as I hoped but these are done enough for NEAT. They need some gloss and dullcotes, and their flocking and tufts, but otherwise they're good enough to bring the pain this Saturday.

House Devine Knights

I also might add some heat destoration to the weapons, if I can find a technique I like.

House Devine Knights House Devine Hell Striders

After that, it's on to the scout Titans, and the rest.

Epic House Devine Secondary Colors

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Making progress on the secondary colors. There's one more leader to paint, I think I'm going to go tiger stripes for it. The others got zebra and leopard print. After that I need to block out some black, paint the pink icons, the metal bits and then the bases.

House Devine Knights House Devine Knights
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