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Extra Pokey 15mm Polybian Roman

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I had a giftcard from a rebate for a tire purchase and was looking for something new to try out. I remembered playing Triumph a few years back at a Fall In! so decided to give it a shot. These are 15mm Polybian Romans. The casting on the pilum left a lot to be desired so I decided to give them my "Warmaster High Elf" treatment and convert them up. The hafts are brass tube with a small pin tip glued into them. I them added a block of plasticard as the weight and shaped it with a knife.

Roman Hastati and Principes

The rest were pretty much stock, except for some spear and javelin swaps on the Triarii and Velites. I just need to finish building the cavalry then it's on to painting.

Roman Velites and Triarii, and Cretan Archers

Epic Objectives: One Step Above Phoning It In

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I haven't gotten around to converting up some actual objectives for my Armored Company, likely because I've just been using these black primed ones from Epic 40k. Given that I've been using like this for two years I figured it was about time I painted them, so I took a few hours last night and painted them up.

Epic Objectives

Epic Turan Armored Company Army Shot Time!

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I've been painting my Turan Armored Company, on and off, for just just over two years now. With the exception of the Thunderbolts everything in the pictures below was finished in that time, some 5,000+ points. I've still got plenty left: 67 armored vehicles, 3 super-heavies, 40 Chimera and all the infantry I can pack into them. The plan is to keep plugging away until enough complaints have been filed and I move on to another Epic army. In the meantime, on to some 15mm Romans. I'll come back to these later in the year to round out my entries for EpiComp.

Epic Turan Armored Company Epic Turan Armored Company Epic Turan Armored Company

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers All Done Up

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I finished up the flock on the Russes and Demolishers today, well ahead of schedule. I've got a backlog of stuff to varnish, so I think I'll be setting that up this weekend then snap some updated army pics as requested.

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers Epic Demolishers Epic Leman Russ

I hope to finish up some conversions on a small 15mm Polybian Roman army I picked up in the coming weeks, and then get some paint on them.

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers

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I started on some Leman Russ and Demolishers for my Epic Armored company last week to bring some new formations to NEAT. At this point the Demolishers just need the highlights on the black, and the Russes need all their highlights. Hoping to finish them up in the next week or two and see about some 15mm Polybian Romans.

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers Epic Leman Russ Demolishers

8mm French Hussars

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I finished up the French Hussars tonight, I painted them in the 6th regiment colors.

TravelBattle 8mm French Hussars

Just the characters left to go at this point, but I think I'm going to hop back over to the Epic armored company as we have our annual tournament coming up and I want some new tanks to play with.

TravelBattle 8mm French Army

The Last of the 8mm French Fusiliers

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I continue to fight the good fight in the never ending war of unfinished projects sitting around my painting desk. These past few weeks I grabbed the last strip of TravelBattle Fusiliers and finished them up. I have just the Hussars and Commanders to go at this point, and I think I'll try to finish them up next while motivation for it is high.

TravelBattle 8mm French Fusiliers

I actually picked up another copy of the game for cheap from a local eBayer. So I have a British army to get to at some point as well.

TravelBattle French Army, To Date

Marauder Bombers: Bomb the Grimdark Skies

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I can't remember for how long these Marauder Bombers have been sitting on my desk. They were originally slated to be part of the Knight army, but when I rebased those Thunderbolts to pull double duty with the Minervans these came a long for the ride. I've been meaning to finish converting and painting them so this was what I worked on these past two weeks as part of the great desk clean off.

Epic Maruader Bombers

To make them WYSIWYG I added a tail-chaser gun that matched the dorsel gun using a round-ended pin. The lascannons were chopped off of some SM.TL guardsmen and glued to the wings. Nothing fancy on the paint job, just matching what I did seven (!) years ago for the Knight's Thunderbolts.

Epic Maruader Bombers

Yet More 15mm American Reinforcements

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I finished up another 42 15mm Americans this week, effectively doubling what I had painted.

15mm American Rifleman, COs and BAR

Joining the platoon is another 20 riflemen, 4 NCOs, 2 Bazooka teams, a 50 Cal team, 3 BARs and some COs.

15mm American Support Weapons and NCOs

I still have a few support options for Chain of Command that I want to finish up, as well as figure out how I'm going to convert a flamethrower team.

15mm American Reinforcements

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I started building M3 Halftracks at the start of the month and got most of the way through with them before I lost interest two weeks ago. I'll head back and finish them at somepoint but in the meantime I've been painting for riflemen to fill out the platoon and also built a paratrooper platoon on the whim.

15mm American Reinforcements

The greens are done as of this week, and I've started in on the leather and wood. After that's done it'll be the skin, metal and bases.

15mm American Paratrooper Platoon

15mm American NCOs and 30 Cals

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I finished up the last of the infantry I have this week. 40 figures in two weeks is a pretty good output for me. I also went back and painted the leather straps where I saw them over the brim of the helmets as I missed them the first time around. Next are the half-tracks and an M10, then on to something else while I wait for re-supply.

15mm American NCOs and 30 Cals

Hanging Out With a 15mm American Rifleman

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I've had these Flames of War models sitting around for a few years now. With some talk of 15mm Konflikt '47 about I thought I'd sneak one onto the desk last night and see how they paint up. Handily, he'll be able to pull double duty in some Chain of Commands games as well. I went for late war, so M43 uniform.

15mm American Rifleman 15mm American Rifleman

The Last of the 15mm GZG New Israeli

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I finished the last four prone troopers I had from my first batch of New Israeli that I picked up some 10+ years ago. I'm still thinking on the basing.

GZG New Israeli Troopers

During the GZG Christmas sale I picked up a few reinforcements, and while they technically weren't on it they were bench adjacent. So I built them all up, then based, primed, base coated and washed them all so they're ready to go when I come back to them.

GZG New Israeli Reinforcements GZG New Israeli Speeders and Support Weapons

Clearing Some 15mm GZG New Israeli Distractions

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I've been cleaning up and basing a bunch of GZG's 15mm New Israeli miniatures this week (yup, I bought more :D), as well as getting these a little closer to being finished (part of the great 2022 Painting Bench Clear Off). I'm having second thoughts on the basing scheme, so they're staying bare sand for the time being until I sort something out.

GZG New Israeli SAWs and Troopers

Epic Armored Company: A Year in Review

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Not as many tanks, as compared to last year, but I also managed to paint some Blood Bowl Orcs, Warmaster Dwarf artillery and characters, 8mm Napoleonics, some 15mm SciFi and a snow table so I'll take it. I finished up the Hellhounds and Stormlords this weekend for EpiComp, so I think I'll head back and try to clear some of my various tangeants for the year off of my painting desk. Then I'll start some more!

Turan Armored Vanquisher Turan Armored Stormsword Turan Armored Hellhounds and Support Turan Armored Company Reinforcements
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