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For Science!

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The Phoenix needed a bit of touch up after a failed attempt of actual flight from being left on the top of my car. One's still going to need a bit of putty and I'm going to have to figure out how to make a tail fin tip for another. Anyway, the black is done. On to the gems and weapons this week. Hopefully the orange the week after that.

Epic Eldar Phoenix Bombers

Orange is the New Orange

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New year, same old color. This time on aircraft though! I started the Phoenix last night, and have been prettying the Avatar up for some paint. His sword got sharpened and he's based in such a way that I can plop him down on a Court of the Young King base when I get to it.

Epic Eldar Phoenix Bombers Epic Eldar Avatar

2017 Epic Retrospective

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I meant to get these out last week, but there was much celebrating to contend with. Anyway, here's the Epic I managed to paint in 2017. The Void Spinners were kept out as I still need to finish their array barrels. Looking at them now, I also want to go back and add one more black panel to the Scorpions and Cobras near the front of the tank. For 2018, I hope to continue with yet more orange. I may take some breaks for sanity's sake to paint other colors though. Thankfully, the aspect warriors will help with that. Well, not the Fire Dragons. They're jerks.

Epic Eldar Wraithlords Epic Eldar Wraithseer Epic Eldar Wraithguard Epic Eldar Engines of Vaul Epic Eldar Cobra Epic Eldar Scorpion Epic Eldar Storm Serpent Epic Craftworld Lugganath Eldar
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