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We Now Return You to the Regularly Scheduled Painting Already in Progress

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And back to the High Elves! The white is nearly done on the final batch of spears. After that I need to do a bit of repair work (my paints got dropped on a strip and broke 10-15 of the spears) but hopefully I'll be able to finish up the flesh and move on to the leather/wood next week.

High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves

Here's the standard bearer for my general. I used the dragon head from one of the spearmen command strips for the top of the pole. I need to do some putty work on the sides though where I cut it free. The pennant is from the Dark Eldar Raider banner, they work pretty well I think.

High Elf Standard Bearer

Finally, here's an alternate Wizard I'm working on. I didn't like him on the column of air/shooting the fire so those got chopped off, plus I added some weapon swaps. He needs a lot of putty work to cover everything up.

High Elf Mage

Schneaky Scheanky - The Final Schneak

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All done with these guys, time for some glamor shots.

Microworld Games Foundationalist Microworld Games Foundationalist Microworld Games Foundationalist Microworld Games Foundationalist

These Obliterators were the other things I was working on in secret, as they're a gift for my buddy Chris.

Obliterators Obliterators

Now that EpiComp and the gifts are done it's time to head back to the High Elves!

Schneaky Scheanky - Part III

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I meant to post these up Monday but for forgot my card reader at home one day, and the card the other. Anyway I made some progress on these since then. The missile tanks are done, just need to finish up the regular tanks.

Microworld Games Foundationalist

Here's a few closeups of the APCs. I'm happy enough with them considering how quick I painted them up.

Microworld Games Foundationalist Microworld Games Foundationalist

Finally, here's my last entry in the EpiComp, sixteen stands of Baccus' sci-fi human infantry. The body armor/suit is done now, just need to pick out the details and do the base.

Command Horizon Infantry

Schneaky Scheanky - Part II

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The blue is nearly done on these guys, just three more missile tanks to go. I'm hoping to finish that and the black up tonight and the detailing over the course of the week. With any luck they'll be done come Friday and I'll be on to some Bacuss sci-fi infantry.

Microworld Games Foundationalist Microworld Games Foundationalist Microworld Games Foundationalist

Photographing this dark blue is tough, it always comes out much shinier than in real life. Hopefuly a dullcote will take care of that.

Microworld Games Foundationalist

Schneaky Scheanky

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Like I said last week, very little progress on these guys. The mail has been washed and drybrushed silver and I laid down the base for the white on the command stands and one rank-and-file strip. Hopefully I'll be able to return to these guys in early Decemeber to get them done for January.

High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves

Here's what I've been working on for the EpiComp, no linking to these from TacComm Matt! They're Microworld Games 6mm Foundationalist grav-tanks. I converted some of the weapons so I could use them as Tau proxies.

Microworld Games Foundationalist

I've got to finish up the weapons but after that I'm going to hit them with some selective washing and two to three highlights depending on how they look/how long it takes.

Microworld Games Foundationalist

Breaking New Ground

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The next couple of weeks will see few updates as I go into stealth mode for the EpiComp. Here's a sneak peek though. :P

Mystery Bases

I got the decals on the Bolt Thrower banners this past week but didn't manage to finish up painting them. Aside from that and the grass though these guys are done.

High Elf Bolt Throwers

All the Chariots would have needed would have been the grass, however I dropped three of the stands while taking them out for this photoshoot. Not a whole lot of damage (one chariot needed to be reglued and a horse tail needs touch up) but still kind of upsetting.

High Elf Chariots High Elf Chariots High Elf Chariots


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Nearly done on the chariots. All that's left is to wash and edge the bases, glue everything together and hit it with dullcote to take the glosscote shine away. The horses all ended up getting washed with Devlan Mud, in the end I think the Coat D'arms horse tone paints came out pretty realistic.

High Elf Chariots High Elf Chariots

All that remains for the Bolt Throwers is to get some banners designed to put on them. I've been trying to finish up the decals for the Silver Helm and Reaver pennants before I print them out though. Find designs for that is a little troublesome.

High Elf Bolt Throwers

I also finally based the spearmen too. All they need is another dullcote layer and the grass.

High Elf Spearelves

10k Imperial vs Chaos Mega-battle

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We decided to do a mega-battle this past weekend in lieu of the usual slew of games. Due to the weather (and to a bunch of pusses who didn't want to finish the game) we ended up calling it in the third. The Imperials had a chance to win it 2-0 but when that failed we went to points instead of playing another turn. The loss of the Summon Pumilio had the Chaos side up by 700 points. Truly, there has never been such a decisive victory...

The Imperial line's right flank. The left flank. The Chaos line's left flank. and right. Start of Game The Marines move up on the left flank. Thunderbolts straffe an unprotected Chaos retinue, only to be CAPed by a flight of Hellblades. A Feral finds itself stripped of its void shields. The majority of the Marine's air power hammers Chaos' right flank. Subjugators holding the line. The Warlord and Shadowsword manage to break one of the Ferals. The Scouts screen the Vanquishers. Some illegally based bikes advance in front of another retinue. The Land Raiders prepare for action. The Decimators ram some buildings. The Natibus Exterminatore makes its debut. Some Helltalons attempt to CAP a Thunderhawk but can't take it down. The Imperial's right flank advances. The Land Raiders due battle with the Summon Pumilio. The Natibus Exterminatore plays hide and seek with the Deus Malleus. The Land Speeders suffer at the hands of the Iron Warriors. The last Feral pummels the Marine SC as its brother is vaporized by the Deus Malleus.
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