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Six Bogies and a Blimp

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Some more work on the TBolts, one is pretty much finished and I the others (bar one) got their black details done. I hope to do the gun-metal on the rest of them next week and start the shading.


Still not 100% happy with the finished one, I might try to lighten the highlight and see what that does for me.


We Have Clearance, Clarence

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So Monday turned out to be just a regular night of painting, most of the day was spent gaming. I got the gray base coat done on the top of the TBolts.


I also started highlighting and shading one of them. I'm still not completely happy with it, I'm going to try finishing up the details on it though and see what that does for me before moving onto the other five.


This was also Tyranid inventory week, where I went through and checked what I have spare and still need to build. While Dominique the glossy blue Dominatrix is all right, I'd prefer one that was cleaned and puttied to work on, so I started on this one.


I'm not a big fan of the E40k era Hive Tyrants, so I started converting my own as well. The body is an SM/TL era Zoanthrope body, minus the tail/stinger, a Biovore head and a E40k era Zoanthrope head cut in half for the back crests. I have to figure out the arms and then putty it but I think this is a good start.

Hive Tyrant Hive Tyrant

Hit the Enemy Toast...

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I was going to work on these guys Monday but I forgot my gray for their bellies. I ended up finishing it over the course of the week but I didn't make as much progress as I hoped. With this coming Monday off though I should make some good headway.

I did finish my destroyers Monday night though. They look a little less red and a little more dark merlot/purple in real life but whatever.

Decados Destroyers

Miniatures in SPAAACE!!!

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I wasn't too happy with the way the TBolts were turning out so they ended up getting stripped last Wednesday. At this point they are re-primed and I've got a few coats on their bellies done but that's it.

I did make some progress with my ships though. My Frigates are all done along with one Destroyer. The other three need to have the black details put in though.

Decados Frigates and Destroyers

Here's a close-up of a Frigate.

Decados Frigate

And a Destroyer.

Decados Destroyer

I also based up my Fighters for this fleet.

Decados Fighters

And here's my weekly tangent, a Heavy Cruiser for my next fleet. I scratch built the pylons/engines with plasticard, the glare makes them hard to see though.

Harkanon Heavy Cruiser
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