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15mm Roman Velites and Epic Armored Company Thunderers

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I've been working on the Velites these past few weeks. Most of the colors have their basecoat down and I'm halfway through painting the red.

Roman Velites

I also finished up some more Epic armor conversions recently, notably Thunderers which have 18 pieces of plasticard on them.

Epic Conquerors and Executioners Epic Thunderers

15mm Cretan Archers

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I started off my Polybian Romans with not painting any Romans at all, but Cretan Archers. I'll be using these as skirmishers. These are closer to true 15mm than the Romans (more 18mm). I'm telling myself that the Romans were just better fed.

Cretan Archers Cretan Archers

Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament (NEAT) XV

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We had our fifteenth annual NEAT two weekends ago, with twenty-one of us throwing down on the 6mm field of honor. The armies were fairly varied, with no duplicates except for Steel Legion and Necrons. Jon took home the win with his Steel Legion, while Ben took home best painted with his Iyanden (played as Beil-tan). Finally, Darius technically won the Dice of Dave but cleverly ducked out early so we gave them to Nick.

Karl's Raptors prepare for battle My newly painted Russes inead to give them one. Nature Finds A Way! Exterminators on the Move Exodites secure the high-rent district. Karl's Knights tip-toe into the open. Harness the Power! Karl's beloved Phoenix makes it through another game. Round 1, Conor's Necrons take on my Minervans. Manticores go for broke and break the big stuff. Darius's Alaitoc zip through a city. Night Spinners on the baseline. Guardians and Support moving up. Ben's Void Spinner hiding out. Matt's Speed Freeks rush forward. It's not a small army... The shooty dinos advance up. They get to blow Bill's Tau up! Kal's Children prepare to corrupt the young Jimmy. Jimmy's Silver Towers attempt to make them change their ways. Coach tried out the Orks this year, after 15 years of us telling him he should. They faced Nick's Steel Legion. Victor's Death Kore advances under fire. They brought some big guns of their own. Shawn's Tyranids intend to get their unwashed claws over everything. Brad's Iron Warriors hit dirt side. Conor's Flayed Ones go toe-to-toe with the Russkies! 6 Exterminators, 3 Hellhounds and a Hydra is a hell of a lot of AP. The Orb plays hide-and-seek with my Shadowswords. Jon's Steel Legion moving up. Matt's Speed Freeks intent on burning Ben's Beil-tan to the ground. Ben's Shining Spears poke back! Red ones, going fasta. Bill's Tau make Karl's Dino's extinct. You have clearance, C'larence. Coach's Stompy Mob Nick's Guard standing firm. Tim's Kanigits Andy's Landtrain: Thomas the Dank Engine Cameron's Deathguard train spotting. Kal's Children summoning some Noodle Chickens to help take out Jimmy's Red Corsairs. Victor's Death Kore Holding the Line Brad's Vindicators go Pylon hunting. If Rob's Warbarque is a rocking, don't go a knocking. Matt's Speed Freeks holding their blitz. Karl's dinos try to stay warm next to the Burning Disc of Doom (+2). Bill Broadsides staying frosty. My Exterminators ready to roll. Bill's Tau tip-toeing through the tulips. Karl's Exodites ready for round 2. Victor's Big Game Hunters And some little game hunters. Triceratops bringing up the squishy stuff. Coach's Cunningly Camouflaged Orks And Matt's not so cunningly camouflaged orks... Jon's Attack Dog Frank's newly painted Eldar take to the field. Conor's Monoliths zipping about. Conor playing marbles with Frank. Brad's Iron Warriors looking for Heidi. Coach lights up Thomas the Dank Engine. Kal's Knights prepare to peg! Darius's Phantom on the hunt. Ben's Falcons, one Firestorm shy. Maybe little pinch? Shawn's Heirodule out on the town. The battle of the re-spawning armies! On behalf of the entire Adeptus Ineptus, I would like to apologize to Tim for making him play Bill. Bill's Scale Miniatures! Tim's Paladins looking to play hacky sack with some Tau. Jon's TBolts brave Matt's flak. Frank's Vampire coming in hot! Night Spinners ala Vanguard Brad mowing down the Children of the Corn. Nick's First Borns facing off against the Iron Warriors Ben's Aspect Warriors holding down a Take and Hold. Rob's Necrons: The Orkin Bots Jimmy's Blood Slaughters want you to know that the beach is this way. Cameron's Deathguard on their way to the beach. He choo-choo-chooses you, Coach! Karl's Raptors make it to Victor's Blitz and declare base! My Demolishers sneaking up on Bill's Tau. Bill's Tau being pummeled by my Mantictores. Round three, go dinos, go! Conor's Necrons looking for some dino-hide. Brad's Iron Warriors de-rail Thomas. Victor's Kriegers doing what they do best. Tim's Knights taking Jimmy's Corsairs to task. Cameron's Deathguard lighting up Frank's Eldar Pew Pew! Coach's Stormboyz holdig down da fort. Kal's Children with their stolen THawk. Darius's Phantom looking for a dance partner. Will Nick's Guard do? Shawn's Heirodule face off agaist Ben's Eldar. Falcons on the Hunt Shoot the Big Ones Karl's Knights form their drum circle. Conor's Orb provides the base. Victor's Superheavies moving out. Kal's Children hold a board meeting. Darius and Nick fight for the Dice of Dave! Tim's Fat Boys bring up the rear. While the Errants take on Brad's Iron Warriors Just three spinners, sharing the night. Just keep pushing them forward, Coach. Shawn's Ice Bugs Bet you can't guess what the Cobra is shooting at?
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