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Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers

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I started on some Leman Russ and Demolishers for my Epic Armored company last week to bring some new formations to NEAT. At this point the Demolishers just need the highlights on the black, and the Russes need all their highlights. Hoping to finish them up in the next week or two and see about some 15mm Polybian Romans.

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers Epic Leman Russ Demolishers

8mm French Hussars

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I finished up the French Hussars tonight, I painted them in the 6th regiment colors.

TravelBattle 8mm French Hussars

Just the characters left to go at this point, but I think I'm going to hop back over to the Epic armored company as we have our annual tournament coming up and I want some new tanks to play with.

TravelBattle 8mm French Army
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