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Just the Bases Please

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After some additional paint sessions (made possible to a hurt wrist and subsequent lack of the ability to climb) the second pokey brigade is all painted up. They're currently sitting in some water to loosen the glue so I can take them off the cardboard and base them up tonight. Not sure if I'll be able to complete the basing tonight what with drying times and what not but either way they'll be ready to go for tomorrow's WM day.

High Elf Spearelves

The decals were easier this time around as I saved the shield highlights until after they were on. I'm pretty happy with how all the designs came out but thing the white hawk is my favorite due to the amount on contrast with the red.

High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves High Elf Spearelves
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