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More Marines

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I finished assembling the Scouts this week. The Space Marine Sergeants were taking too long to find, plus I was completely happy with the way the heads looked on the Shadow Knight Bodies. So I went with Catachan heads instead.


A close-up of a Scout stand.

Scout Stand

I also put together another pair of Dreads, along with two multi-melta versions just because I had the parts kicking around.


These are my Librarian proxies (the Servitor with the multi-melta is supposed to represent the MW firefight attack). I converted them with the model out of the SM character pack and some spare Land Speeder multi-meltas.


Finally, the rest of my characters. An Apothecary and soon to be Standard Bearer (Chaplain proxies), a Terminator Chaplain and two Jump Pack Chaplains.

Space Marine Characters
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