Nebula Dwell'n

Not much this week. I started work on some forest terrain for HAVOC (no pictures yet) and painted some spaceships for my cousin as a birthday present. Nothing spectacular but I only had a couple of days to paint them.

They're from ZandrisIV Miniatures and are styled after the Kadesh from Homeworld the PC game.


Scouting Part III

I finished up the Scouts with a week to go before Havoc. They performed admirably in their games over the weekend (one unit managed to hold off a Chaos retinue charge from a unit worth three times as much as it). I contribute this success to the extra time spent on their paint job.

Here's the regular Scout stands.

A close-up.

The Snipers.


Scouting Part II

More work on the Scouts again this week. I did the highlights for the armor, gear and cloaks, and got halfway through base coating the pistols and swords. One more week ought to do it for these guys, I need to finish the pistols and swords, do their heads, and then base them.


Scouting Part I

I got some work done on the Scouts this week. These guys are probably going to take another two Mondays though. There's a lot of detail I'm trying to pick out. You can also see the Heavy Bolter ammo boxes I finally got around to putting on: