Horde of Teeth and Claw

The Hormagaunts progress. I finished the black wash and managed to highlight 16/36 stands Monday. I should be able to finish the highlights, touch up the black and finish the bases on Monday (hooray for days off!).

I'm going to bring my airbrush with me as well to see if I can base-coat a bunch of stuff red. Up next will be some Warriors and 'stealers after a quick Necron and perhaps a terrain tangent.


Washy Washy

I didn't finish the black wash on everything, I ended up being twelve stands shy. I should be able to get to them over the weekend. Then I get to look forward to a couple of weeks of highlighting the black!

It also looks like the rest of the Adeptus Ineptus and I are going to be heading down to PA for an Epic day on 3/12. I might need to take a week or two tangent to get a couple of things a bit more seemly for the Worst Army List ever games.


Watching Old Paint Dry

For those interested I moved over all my old posts from 2010 onto this blog. Enjoy!


Onto the Hormagaunts

I finished the bases on the Termagants this past Monday so they're all done now.

Up next is the Hormagaunts. Wednesday ended up being a snow day and I managed to get the black detailing done. Next up is the base base coat, then the wash, then back to the highlighting...

I wanted to see what the black would do to these guys so I took a base on step further. I'll probably try to finish him up before I do the rest.