It Won't Attract the Worm

I finished up the Trygons this week. After painting the bone on these guys I think I'm going to head back to it on the Lictors and the Warrior's Boneswords and try it on them as well.

For the bone I ended up doing some feathering with two colors at the base where it meets the pink attachy bits and then blending up to white towards the edges.

Up next I think I'm going to work on building more of the bigger stuff and finishing up the Carnifex, Zoanthropes, Biovores and Hive Tyrants.


Six More Motherhumpers

Couldn't make it through these guys without at least one reference to Tremors. :P Another week will probably do it for these guys. The black needs to be highlighted on five of them, and then I have to do the bone parts and bases.

I finished the purplish-pink parts between the claws and put an extra highlight on the black this week. It's kind of hard to see however with the glare from the light.


Walk Without Rhythm

Work work on the Trygons, I did the black detailing and some red touch-up this week.

I also started detailing one of them. I used some purples/pinks for some detail parts, and some greys to feather the carapace. I'm considering doing one more grey highlight on them to make it stand out a little more. Thoughts?

I'm also trying to figure out how I want to do the bone. I think I found a color combination using flesh and white, but I need to figure out how I'm going to paint it. I'm thinking maybe crossed brush strokes or something. Suggestions?


Lictor in the Front...

I finished the Lictors last Wednesday, but forgot to grab pictures on Friday. Anyway here they are.

They painted up pretty quick. Not sure if I'll ever use 12 in a game though.

I tried out a bone color for the claws/talons. Not sure if I'm completely sold on it yet, I'll have to see how it works for some of the other bigger bugs. Worse comes to worse I'll come back and try something else.