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The Heirophant's body got finished up this week. All that's left for him are his weapons. I'm hoping to tackle those tomorrow and start working on my three additional Harridans.

Here a size comparison with my Dom, he's still pretty big even with the arm swaps.

Finally, here's a shot of my second Heridule that I never took a pic of. Pretty much same as before, just different leg positions.


I think you're an abysmal winner...

Worked on the red hair tonight. I'm pretty happy with it. I might add one more highlight, not sure yet.

I also starting messing around with the mesh part of the armor. I'm thinking it's going to be a light grey while the armor itself will be a dark grey. Hopefully it'll accentuate the hair a bit more.


The D is Silent

Been slacking on the updates. The second Heirodule's done, I'm working on the 'phant now. In other news, I started painting this guy for YakTribes Hireling Comp. It's an old Space Wolf Scout Sergeant that I'm calling a Ratskin Bounty Hunter. The Aquilla has been filed off and the Bolt Pistol replaced with a newer version complete with Red Dot Laser Sight.

I've still got to convert up his last two weapons, a Bolter and Shotgun. I'm thinking of making it an under/over combi-weapon deal and "mag-clamping" it to the side of his backpack that I haven't glued on yet. I'm also trying out a wooden handle while I paint him, so far it's been pretty handy. I finished up his eyes and skin tonight. The hair will hopefully be tomorrow.