The Flouncy Shirt Brigade IV

I was hoping to get some decals on these for the banners but ran into printer problems. These are done enough for the Tale, but I hope to come back to them at one point for the banners, one more dullcote and grass tufts for the Warmonger Miniatures store.


The Floucy Shirt Brigade III

I finished up the red this week (although I'm thinking I might hit it with one more highlight, thoughts) and got a basecoat and wash on the leather, wood, socks and hair. I hope to finish those up next week, paint the feathers and do touchup, then basing!


Slay Dem Dragons

I finished up my Dragonslayer conversion and got her primed up last night. She's Lelith Hesperax with a massive haircut, Dragonslayer weapons and some putty around the head and shoulder armor.


The Flouncy Shirt Brigade II

Work continues on the landsknechte for me. I finished the yellow this week and gave the red a basecoat and a wash. After the red's done I still have to do: socks, shoes/leather, pike hafts, gold bits, hair. So likely another week or two but still on course for the end of May I think.


Grandma, What Big Claws You Have!

Some shots of the finished Duke Anton. I say finished, but I'll likely go back with the Tamiya Clear Red and put some blood around his maw and hands.


The Flouncy Shirt Brigade

Taking a break from Wrath of Kings for the month to participate in the May 2016 Tale of Warmaster Painters. I was planning on doing a Warmaster army last year before WoK came out and I subsequently started painting an army for it. The plan was Ogres, but for the Tale I thought painting up some of my Warmonger Miniatures for the store would be a better use of the time.

I committed to painting a unit of Landsknechte Zweihänder and Pikeniere (Great Swords and Pikemen). These will be red and yellow quartered. I finished up the skin and armor this week and moved on to the yellow. These guys got a wash too, I have yet to do that with the Pikemen. I think I'll base and wash the red first too before moving on to the main color and highlights.