Keeping the Skies Clear of You for Me

I was wondering why I was getting so much of a shadow on these as I was taking a picture. I realized afterwords that I only had one of my desk lamps on. Anyway, the Firestorms progress. The black is done, next week I hope to tackle the blue on the guns and maybe the gems. The recess lines are slightly less defined than the superheavies, so getting the highlights is slightly more difficult. That was compounded by the heat and lots fans that have been running in the local store where I paint this past week. The paint was drying on my brush before I got it to the model.


Tiny Tanks!

The Void Spinners had the last of their paint put down last night. I still need to get around to the gun barrel conversions, once they're all set painting those shouldn't take more than an hour or two. After that, they'll be in the varnish and decal queue with the rest of the super-heavies.

That means I'm on to the Falcon hulls, first up are the Firestorms. The engines on these are slightly more exposed so I might do an extra bit of highlight on them. Not sure yet, as I don't want to detract from the orange/blue/black. Thoughts?



I finally got around to posting some pictures from NEAT X. We had 18 people this year after some cancellations but there was still plenty of Epic-ness abound!


Nothing Spinning

I meant to take these before our annual tournament but that didn't happen. Then I took the pictures and didn't post them for another week, so here we are! Work slowed on the Void Spinners so that I could base up my Falcon-hulled tanks, I managed to finish the black and do the cockpits and gems on the Spinners though.

These were my distraction, I did their undersides and glued them all to their bases. They're ready to paint at this point.