We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Painting…

I painted up this 40k Intercessor for a local store to help advertise their painting night. There's a few areas that need some touch-up I think (after seeing it this close) but he's pretty much done. He's a Brazen Claw. I thought it would be fun to try the quartered paint scheme and I had the shoulder pad kicking around from the new Deathwatch kit.


Revenge of the Sci-fi Elf Spirit Zombies

And they're done. The last six stands took another two hours to highlight last night. They'll be fun to play with but I'm glad they're off the table. I started converting their big brothers after that, they, the Phoenix or objectives is what I'll be working on in these next weeks.

I also hit all the tanks I've painted to date with a gloss coat. I'm looking to print some decals out for them today, getting those on is another project before Fall In.


Return of the Sci-fi Elf Spirit Zombies

Last week I managed to finish the black and gems on the Wraithguard, this week I shaded and touched up the orange and finished the highlights on half of them. The other six I hope to finish tonight or next Tuesday. It's a good thing too, twelve stands was the limit for me. I enjoyed painting these far less than six tanks.

With these done I hope to convert up some Wraithguard, start on those, and paint some subset of my objectives, Avatar and Phoenix Bombers before Fall In the first weekend of November.


Sci-fi Elf Spirit Zombies

I finished up the Farseer characters this week and started in on the Wraithguard. I'm hoping to bring a mostly painted Iyanden army to Fall In in November.

These progressed slightly faster than I would have thought. The guns and bases are all done, I'm hoping to take care of the black helms and the gems on them next week. The orange might take longer given the amount of cleanup I'll have to do from the drybrush.