Tiny Archers - The Detailing

Work continues on the archers. The red and bows are now done. What's left are the quivers, fletchings and hair. Looks like it'll be taking one week longer than July as I didn't get a chance to paint last week while on vacation.

Here's some close-ups of all the variants. I'm going to have to do a round of touchups once everything is done, I was definitely sloppier with these than I was when I was doing the test strip.


Tiny Archers - The Whitening: Part II

I managed to finish the white as well as the flesh on these guys this week. I ended up with a few extra painting nights due to a body surfing injury last weekend that ruled out climbing for this week. So, I turned to the tiny elves instead.

I also started the red on one of the strips, that'll be next week's project if I get to paint at all while on vacation.

I'm still hoping to have them done by the end of July, any thoughts on basing? Right not I'm leaning towards sand/pebbles with a quick base coat and drybrush followed by some kind of flock.

Not sure what I'm going to start on next, it'll either by the spearmen since I have so many of them or maybe the Chariots and Bolt Throwers for a "break".


Tiny Archers - The Whitening

Got the flesh basecoat and wash down as well as just over half of the white base coat this week.

For the flesh I use Tallarn Flesh as a base coat and then wash it with Ogryn Flesh. Next week I'll head back and do the eyes, highlight with Tallarn Flesh and then Elf Flesh.

The white is a Astronomican Grey basecoat, followed by a very light gray and then white.

I'm hoping to finish these four units by the end of July. If I can keep to a unit per week I should be done sometime in Nov. :P


Tiny Archers

With NEAT come and gone I wanted to head back to the Warmaster Elves that have been waiting to go since the New Year. I started with the Archers, and began with a single strip to figure out the order I should paint everything in.

Most of the color combination game from GW's High Elf painting articles. I usually left out a step, figuring that three paints (rather than four) per color on a 10mm model ought to be good enough.

The best part of the whole thing? Painting the eyes! I know these sculpts have been around for ten years or so but I'm finding just how nice they are now (and spotting a few mistakes thanks to this close-up...).

I'm planning on starting on the assembly line painting next week, so hopefully I'll be able to finish four units by the end of July.