Dragle Complete

I actually finished Eagon up a week or two ago, but couldn't find any Dullcote until yesterday to finish him up. He's all set to go now though. The eagles are proving more difficult as I can't decide on a good way to paint them.


Ca-caw, Ca-caw Yet Again

A tiny update, I've got the eagles based up and ready for painting. I used a 1/16" acrylic rod for the flight stands, and despite covering them up while painting the bases I still got some paint on a few of them. I'm planning on painting them like Golden Eagles, we'll see how that goes next week.


All Dolled Up

I finished my 2,000 points of High Elves this past week, putting the last few tufts on the bases this Monday. I took some army shots last night and put up a gallery which is linked below. Next up is Eagon and the Eagles, and after that who knows? Probably more Epic.


The Flock Lung

So what did I do this past week? If you guessed "Paint Eagon" you are wrong. If you guessed "Base your army and give yourself Flock Lung" that is correct... I'm not done yet, I still have to get the tufts on the Spearmen, Silverhelms, Reavers and characters, but I got the flock on and glued twice on the whole army.

Despite what inhaling the stuff may have done to my respiratory health I really like what the Army Painter Green Flock did for the bases. It's grainier that the Woodland Scenics stuff (which I could never get to look right) and works better as thick grass in 10mm I think.

The Archers, Chariots and Bolt Throwers are completely done at this point. As an FYI I'd recommend putting down the flock first then the tufts. I did it the otherway with these and it took a few minutes to get all of the flock worked out of the tufts.