A bridge too far...

But is was only one bridge! This was a special scenario that Matt and I cooked up. Full details are up on TacComm. I took the defenders (4k of Guard) and Matt took 5k of Lamenters using his home grown list for them. It was a very close game right up until it wasn't in turn 4.


Return of Onachus

Well, at least for the time being. The Empire Fleet is all painted and based, I'm just trying to work up the motivation to put the pennants I printed on them before I take the final picture. In the meantime, I'm working on some Tyranids for EpiComp.

My idea was to paint one of each of the bigger bugs, as a test for all the others. I started with the Biovore, Carnifex and Zoanthrope. After these I got one each of the four slug bugs.

I'm pretty happy with how the red and black came out. I think I'm going to revisit the Trygons to update them to this scheme and perhaps the smaller stuff I have painted.

I found the orange flock at the Time Machine the other weekend, I think it works pretty good for them. Very alien at least.

I have plans for a Necromunda gang for Adepticon, and possible a Wreck Age crew. Hopefully after they're done I'll be able to return to the bugs and get a bit more of my army done.

I also have some islands for Man O' War that might see paint before HAVOC this coming March.


Swabbing the Poop Deck - Part III

Work continues on the Empire ships. The red is nearly done, I just have to finish three more Wargalleys and then do the highlights. After that I start in on the black and try not to mess up the red...

I've taken one Wolfship a couple steps further. Here's what I'm planning on doing with the red for the rest, and the stern has the black highlighting done as well.

I forgot that I need to put the pennant poles on the top of the masts, so I'll have to go back and do that before I start painting them. I was planning on doing them the same as the decks.

And then finally will come the bases. Still hoping to have these done by the end of the month.



13 Epic gamers and three games of Epic all packed into one fun day.


And now for something completely different...

Reaper Bones! I saw some of these going for $25-30 painted on eBay and thought that I could probably match their standard in a couple of hours per fig. So here are the results! These took me around two hours each, the plan is to sell them on eBay and (if they make me some money) see if I want to do more. I'm hoping I can cover my investment in the Kickstarter by painting 6 figs.

Quality-wise, they're pretty good. The plastic is super soft, and did bend a bit while waiting in the car on these New England summer days. They do bend back though, and the boiling water to icy water trick does a good job of getting things where they need to be.

I highly recommend scrubbing these in some grease destroying soapy water, and definitely priming them. The places where the primer wore off practically repelled the paint.

There was some flash on them, and it can be tricky to get off. You can't file it, and even cutting it is tough because the plastic is so soft. You'll need patience and a very sharp knife. If I do some more, I'm going to try freezing them before I clean them up to see if that makes it easier to get the mold lines off.

Swabbing the Poop Deck - Part II

I got some base coating done this week. The bases are blue, although I think I need to do a second coat on a few of them. My plan is to paint them something close to the Dreadfleet scheme, I started with Necron Abyss.

The ships I hit with Mechrite Red, and then washed with Devlan Mud. This also showcases my crazy plan to keep my fingers off the ships as I paint them. I drilled some holes in a 1" square piece of balsa and mounted the ships on nails. I did something similar for the masts as well, gluing them to plasticard (and then that to cardboard as the plasticard was too flimsy).


They see me GayRollin...

Another year, another gift for my buddy Matt. A Death Wheel is one of the few units that he doesn't have for his Emperor's Children army, so taking a cue from The Oatmeal's lovely comic about the word literally I set out to make him one. This is what I came up with, the GayRoller 40k!

And the end result, all painted up, looks like this. Happy birthday Matt! Ya douche...


Swabbing the Poop Deck

Some odd ball stuff this week. First up are some Warmaster Dwarf Hammerers.

They'll be serving as Warriors (perhaps to denote a magic item) and or body guards of the thane.

And next, a return to the Man O' War Empire fleet that I started a year ago. I've finally got all the ships and bases to the point where I can paint them all at the same time (important as I regularly paint things at different times that are slightly different from one another).

These Ironfist conversions were the biggest hold up (specifically, not being motivated to make them). I took the mortar end from the regular Ironfist, cut it off, and glued it on to the oar end of a metal Wargalley. It bothered me that the Ironfist had the same stats as the Wargalley but looked so different/didn't have oars.



A monthly gaming day turned into a "tournament" when the Adeptus Ineptus were joined by some recent converts and Onyx, Australlian Travler of Renown.


I never got around to taking pictures of the Thunderhawks I finished up in June. Here's all three of them.

Aside from these, the only other things I'd like to paint for my Marines is a Reaver and some EA Thunderbolts and Marauders. Hoping to have them done and maybe decal the Marines this year.


Adepitcon 2013 Warmaster

Here's the Warmaster portion of my Adepticon 2013 experience. Four of us played three 2k games over the course of last Friday. My High Elves faced down Jordan's Undead, Nat's Dark Elves and Eric's Chaos army. Good games all.


HAVOC 2013

Some shots from the games I played at HAVOC this past year. I actually forgot to take shots of my WM game. :P

High Elves vs Daemons

Here's some pics of a Warmaster game up at Myriad Games in Manchester, NH. My elves took on Ed's daemons in an age-old grudge match. The elves pulled out the win.

Bring out your dead Sword Masters!

The basing on the Sword Masters and casualty markers is all set for Adepticon. No I need to decide what I'm going to drop from my 2k list to fit them in.


Sword Masters - Nearly There

The Sword Masters are almost done. I just have to finishing painting the bases and then flock them (and fix a few mistakes the macro function showed me). One banner I took from the Warhammer High Elf book, the other is the Alaitoc Craftword rune.


Sword Master Masters of the Universe

I finally finished up my Sword Master command conversions. There's two units worth plus an extra and some Sword Masters for a Hero stand. The musician involved some leg, arm and weapon swaps, and the standard bearer the same plus a head swap and a bunch of putty to fix up the standard.


Thunderhawks! Ho!

I managed to get the first coat of green on two of these guys this past week. My original Bogey Green has been all used up, this other pot is slightly different. I'm hoping after the highlights, details and dullcote are on them though it won't be too noticeable.

Next week I'll finish the third one up and start in on the highlights. Then I have to figure out what the hell I'm painting black/metal on them.

Also, Thundercats Ho!


Dead Elves Shipped Second Day Air

I finished the casualty counters last week, although it's taken me another week just to dullcote them. Once I finish the Sword Master command I'll base them up with those guys and the Dwarf Rangers from last year.

Also, it's been too long since I posted any Epic. These guys are for Adepticon this year, I'm looking forward to finally being able to do a SM air-cav list.



A dozen plus two half northeast US yocals fight it out for bragging rights at the fifth and a half annual NEAT.


Sword Masters of the Universe - Part VI

I finished up the painting on these guys this week. They're currently getting this first glosscote before I soak them off the strips and get them based. The next you see them they'll be accompanied by some command and all finished up.


Sword Masters of the Universe - Part V

A late update, but I didn't have much to post on Monday. I finished the red highlights today, all that's left on the Sword Masters is the touch-up and the hair. The counters still need the wood, leather and ground painted though.


Sword Masters of the Universe - Part IV

So the red took a little longer than I anticipated, I got have off the models basecoated with it in addition to finishing the gold this past week. It was the red on the Sword Masters that took the longest, I tried to take my time on most of it so I didn't have to go back and touch things up.

Given that and what I have left on this stuff I think the end of February is a more accurate completion date. No work yet on the command for them either.


Sword Masters of the Universe - Part III

The first white highlight is done on everything, and I finished the second one on the counters. I'm hoping I didn't screw myself here in not doing the dirt first, I'm going to have to be careful when drybrushing it.

The Sword Masters still need the final white highlight, but they're in home stretch. After that it's just the red, gold and hair. I definitely have to get going on their command, and my next bit of High Elf conversions.