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A bridge too far...

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But is was only one bridge! This was a special scenario that Matt and I cooked up. Full details are up on TacComm. I took the defenders (4k of Guard) and Matt took 5k of Lamenters using his home grown list for them. It was a very close game right up until it wasn't in turn 4.

Start of Game - Defender's Table Start of Game - Defender's Table Start of Game - Drawing a Line in the Sand Start of Game - Attacker's Edge In come the TBolts and pop goes one of the Deathstrikes. The HQ goes on overwatch (in retrospect, bad idea...) More TBolts take out two Manticores. Guard TBolts intercept and take one down. The Strike Cruiser activates. My SC catches a macro-cannon shell in the face. Tacticals hit dirtside. Devs too. And the Faciem Raptus makes it down as well. The Devs double on the Vultures and take one out. Manticores hit a lot but only manage to take out the Librarian ( Tacticals vaporize one of the Sentinel units. A Mech Coy double on the Tacticals, taking two out. The Tacticals take out a Hydra and Chimera on the sustain. A Mech coy fails to activate, so it moves with the infantry mounting up (balls to the wall). The Marine SC doubles on to the table. The Storm Troopers double and take out some Tacticals and a Pred. Bikes march. TBolts stand down. Whirlwinds march. TBolts intercept and take an enemy plane out. The LC sustains and takes out a Valk. Assault Marines charge. They win but break. The Storm troopers fall back. Sentinels double to screen the Mech Coy. Another Tac doubles on. Devs double on. An infantry coy advances out of Whirlwind range. Land Speeders march on. Turn 2 Turn 2 Turn 2 Tacticals double on a Mech coy, laying a PM. The other tacs engage. The Mech coy drags the other Tacs in. It goes poorly for the Guard. TBolts go on CAP. Devs double and lay a BM on the HQ. Whirlwinds sustain on the SC and manage to kill everything that matters (SC, 1 transport and Hunter, HOORAY!) A lone TBolt stands down. Manticores fail and direct fire on the Devs, a Storm Raver and Dev go down. A Tbolt goes on CAP. Tbolts lay a BM on the Devs, having lost one from the CAP. Bikes double and lay a BM on an infantry coy. TBolts stand down. Devs double. Assault Marines marshal and move up. The Mech coy doubles and lays down a BM on the Tacs. The HQ engages them. First assault win for the Guard, the Marines are wiped out. Sentinels risk it and engage the Devs. They win but break due to losses. The Devs fall back. Land Speeders double. The Storm Troopers fail and move. Land Speeders double and lay a BM on an infantry coy. The Death Company march. The Infantry coy sustains on the Bikes and Snipers snipe the the Chaplain (achievement unlocked). The LC stands down. The Deathstrike advances and lays a BM on the Death Company. The Land Raiders move up and lay another BM on the Infantry. Vultures fail, but manage to draw line of site to the Land Raiders, taking out two Preds and a Rhino. Whirlwinds double up and lay another BM on the Guard I think? Turn 3 Turn 3 Tacticals engage the Mech Coy. The Marines go down hard, the Guard loose two Chimera. Assault Marines fail to engage, and regroup (guardsmen breath a sigh of relief). A Manticore fails again and lays a BM on the Assault Marines. Bikes engage the Guardsmen and they die horribly. Manticores hit the Devs and take one out. Devs attempt to engage fail and regroup. TBolts take out two Speeders. Speeders double and break the Deathstrike, it runs. Vultures attempt to advance, fail and shoot the Speeders, breaking them. Speeders double and catch Guardsmen in a crossfire. TBolts stand down. A Tbolt lays a BM on the Speeders. A Marine Tbolt attempt a ground attack but is CAPed out of the sky. The HQ doubles and breaks the Speeders, one gets away. The Land Raiders double up and lay a BM on the Guardsmen, taking one out. The Storm Troopers fail and move up. Tacticals hold the first objective. The Mech Coy marshals. Assault Marines move. The Sentinels march up. The LC lands in dangerous terrain and takes a point of damage (no crit :P) while sucking up the Devs. Turn 4 Turn 4 Marines engage the Guardsmen on the left flank and the Guardsmen win! MVPs! The right flank doesn't fare so well... They take a Death Company Marine out but that's it. A Manticore fails and breaks. The Guardsmen fail, regroup and roll to 1s. No longer MVPs! Speeders advance on them and lay a BM. The HQ doubles and takes out the Speeders in a crossfire. The last marine TBolt goes down in a blaze thanks to some CAP. Another formation goes on CAP. The LC comes down on the HQ. Marines are up by two. But roll double 1s and loose it. HQ is MVP! We called it here as the Marines were out of activations that could contest the second objective. 5-1 Guard.
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