Orlocks, Come Out to Play...

I finished up the rest of the skin tones this week. I went back and cleaned up the white guys a bit as I wasn't happy with some of the transitions between my shading and highlights. I must have improved them somewhat as now Picasa is identifying their faces and asking me to name them. :P

This is what I managed to do with the overly red skinned guys. I eventually got them up to a tanned skin approximating a Pacific Islander. I think it's a little too red to be Latin American though. I'm not sure if I'm going to do another highlight or two on these guys.

Finally, I think some of the black guys need a bit of cleanup. The heavy and the leader came out best I think.

Next week will likely be a bit a cleanup before I start in on the lips and hair. I also want to try painting some stubble, I doubt Orlocks would be clean shaven all the time.

Where the Sidewalk Begins

A quick 6mm tangent/review before I head back to 28mm land. I asked Allen of GameCraft Miniatures to make some laser cut/etched building bases for all the E40k ruins I have. There were three sizes overall: 12x12, 12x30 and 30x30cm. I went with those sizes for a couple of reasons. For one, they all fit together nicely on a 4x6' board if you assume 6cm spaces (roads) between them. You effectively get a 7x10 placement grid for the 12x12cm pieces, and the bigger pieces can replace 2 or 4 adjacent 12x12 pieces.

Also, the 12x12 pieces allows for the bigger square ruins on them with enough room for E40k strip bases all around. That's what the etched sidewalk pattern is for. The ruins fit snuggly in the big center square and the sidewalk that goes around can hold a strip base (it's about 1/2" or 13mm wide). All in all I'm pretty happy with how they came out.


New Year, New Game

Forgive me this brief 3-4 month 28mm distraction. I'm signed up for a Necromunda event at Adepticon this year so I'll be painting up some Orlocks for that. I started in last week with the assembly, priming and doing the eyes. This week I managed to get most of the white skin tones done.

Next week I'm hoping to finish up the black gangers and another group that are pretty red at the moment, not sure what I'm going to be able to with them yet. I went for different skin tones for the fun of it, and to say my gang is an equally opportunity employer. :P

You'll notice that they're upside down on the bases. That's just for the painting. I have some bases I converted and will be casting before they're done.

Epic Mega Battle Day

Twelve people, six games and 6000 points made for a fun time at the Time Machine this past weekend. We played on teams, with each table adding to a team's total. The good players took home the overall win for the day.


Game We Joyous, All Together

A threesome of battle reports from over the holidays for you viewing pleasure. First up are a few shots from a Warmaster game I played with Ed. The Undead had a tough time and got caught in the flank by my cav charge. I dubbed the game the Nightmare before Christmas.

Coach's basement has been a long running joke in our group, not because it's basement (it's actually pretty nice), but because he may have cornered a contractor or two in it when he felt it necessary... I took his Night Lords (Black Legion) and he took his Space Wolves out for a spin. It was a very close game, going to points at the end of the fourth turn. The Black Legion won it.

Finally, I took my bugs out against Chris's Iron Warriors (Black Legion again). This game was over pretty quick, Chaos lost two strategy rolls and made very few armor saves. The bugs won it at the end of the third turn with Take & Hold and Defend the Flag.


An Onachus Menagerie

Some more shots of my bugs for this years EpiComp. I went back and highlighted the Trygon and Lictor so that they would fit in with the new ones. I didn't get the Silflor Spring Moss pads in time to put them on so they'll have to wait. Anyway, here are the bugs.