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More Building

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Got some more assembly done this week. First off is a stand of Scouts. I used Bolt Pistols from plastic Scouts, heads from Sergeants and bodies from Shadow Knights.


These are the rest of the Scouts with Heavy Bolters for my other stands. The three in the front are all puttied up, the ones in the back still need work. I'm also going to add an ammo box using plastic card I think. The Heavy Bolters were spares from my Land Speeders.

Heavy Bolter Scouts

An objective I'm working on. I used the ammo dump from E40k and a piece from an old 1/200 scale Space Shuttle model. I glued on a plastic card door, access box and vent.


I used Edenite Assault Infantry to make my Pariahs. I clipped the polearm blade on them and used plastic tubing and a Beastman sword for the glaive like end. The other ends were made using SM/TL Khorne Chaos Marine axes.

Necron Pariahs

A close-up of a Pariah stand.

Necron Pariah Stand
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