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Ya Mule! YA YA!

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I took last week off but unfortunately didn't have too much time to paint (miniatures anyway) most of my time was taken up by projects like this:

1:1 Shed

My Grandpa wanted his shed's roof stripped an repainted so I went to work, the above pic is after the primer coat on my 1:1 scale shed terrain. My Aunt noted that it would've probably been easier to buy a new shed but I digress...

High Elf Bolt Thrower Crew

I did manage to finish the touch-up on the chariot and bolt thrower crew though, again I'm noticing some things I missed though thanks to the macro. I'm hoping to print out some banners for the bolt throwers this week along with shield designs for my Silver Helms to finish them up.

High Elf Bolt Thrower Crew High Elf Bolt Thrower Crew

I started on the horses too, using some dry brushes. I'm planning on stippling some gray on the white ones, not sure what I'm going to do with the duns yet. The bays are one step ahead of the rest though and I think they came out alright based on my source pictures.

High Elf Chariot Horses High Elf Charioteers High Elf Charioteers
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