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Pimp Your Horse - The Blingening

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Only the Silver Helms got attention this week (the Reavers might have to wait as I'm planning on working on some terrain for HAVOC as well). I finished up their manes and started in on the silver touch-up and wash.

High Elf Silver Helms

I'm planning on working on the other strip tonight (and going back an hitting the feet that I forgot on the first) and then carefully drybrushing them silver one more time for a highlight. Then we move on to the white.

High Elf Silver Helms

I finished up the putty work on my commander too. You can't tell from the picture but he now has eyes and the eagle on his helmet looks more like a dragon now. You'll just have to trust me :P. Since they're pretty much Silver Helms I'm going to be playing catch up with these guys so I can finish them up at the same time. The banner bearer was drying silver while this picture was taken.

High Elf Characters

Finally, a quick tangent. The lady likes Ticket to Ride so this is going to be a surprise for Valentine's Day. Romantic, no? He (Dexter) and the Alien (Alvin) might get little bows on their heads to girly them up if I can find something that'll work.

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