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Bring out your dead!

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I tried out some Woodland Scenics flock for basing on the Growlers this week. I think it works but is still missing something. I'll give the Silfor tufts a shot at some point and see how they go together.

TEF Growler

I also finished up the Landhawk Scouts this week too. I would have liked to have had them in the comp but I didn't get the cockpit jeweling done in time.

Landhawk Scouts

Finally, the Dwarves weren't holding my attention much so I swung back towards my first WM army. These Sword Masters have been a long time in coming. I still need to finish up their command but in the meantime I started in on the rank and file for two units worth.

High Elf Sword Masters High Elf Sword Masters

Additionally, I thought it was time to work on something completely superfluous for the army. Namely, casualty counters. What general wouldn't want to represent his own troops brutally hacked apart and left for dead on the battlefield?

High Elf Casualty Markers High Elf Casualty Markers
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