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13 Epic gamers and three games of Epic all packed into one fun day.

Matt L's Hound takes fire from Matt T's Hellblades on loan to Ruth. Chaos Marines drop in. Matt T. newly painted Siegemasters getting siege all over the place. Kalpesh's Jetbikes ride forth. Eric's Blitz Brigade. And accompanying horde. An Aspect formation holds some rubble. Ed's White Scars with some pre-heresy tech. Ed's 8th Air Force Bombing Matt T's Lamentors on loan to Chris. Jimmy's Preds and Hunter Matt's Razorback holds an objective. Karl's Flyboyz hit Scarik's big gunz. Stompa Meet n' Greet The Scars' Battle Line More bombing. Rob's Tbolts hit the Rangers Brad's French Knights Busting Lungs, SM/TL Style Land Speeders on the base line Karl's Big Gunz hold a building. Matt's Devastators Ragnarusses protect a giant green cube. Karl brought a lot of flyboyz... Gunning for the bikes. Assault Marines move up the flank in some sweet rides. Preds advance. Jetbikes get ready to pounce on some Speeders. Here comes Kiss. Chaos Fly By Holding the line Jimmy's Devstators fight back. Optically Guided ICBM Godderdamerungerschiezers Eric's Oddboyz looking to light something up. Fightas hit the Knights. Rob's Tbolts gunning for the Aspects Rob's Marines taking fire Karl's KoS moving up Matt's Assault Marines hold an Ork building Bringing the pain from safely within woods AND emplacements A siege line. AA with a magazine so high you need a ladder to reload it. Rags push forward. Secure the sketchy van! Revenant on the prowl. More KoS These bun gunz wasted most of the Lamentor's chapter. Dey see me stomp'n, dey hate'n. Scarik's Blitz Brigade on the starting line. Kalpesh's Aspects ready for battle again. Matt's Speeders More Knights Eric's Horde holds down a building. Take some siege in the face. Hooray! We got da moon thingy! Ed's Land Speeder Line of Death (+2) Complete with armored support Storm Raven's advance Right in the thick of it. Laying waste to marine after marine. It's a trap! Teleporty sound. Ed's Bikes taking out Scarik's Orks Protect the Green Cube! He now has arms (all the better to hug you with) Any land'n you'z can walk away from... Wardens take on Speeders My scouts hold an objective. Speeders support them. Tbolts hitting Matt's Speeders Follow us green cube! Warboss Berzurkur Mun'key Flame on! Roll'n roll'n roll'n! Here's siege in your eye! Taking the trenches. Fall back to these lovely ruins! We're not alone... The fight for a random kaiju head. The Party Bus Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing dreadnoughts! Big Gunz at home. Renegade armor Tacticals hold the line Blue Raptor Cult needs more cow bell. Ed's speeders hiding behind a hill, ready to pounce. Brad's Knights taking full advantage of walker. Taking fire. And lots of it.
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