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She's Nosferatu. She's Italian?

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Still working on the wolves, I did their claws this week and started painting all the metal parts gloss black. That's nearly done, not sure if I'll make it for CaptainCon though. Because not a lot on them has changed I've got something else for you guys, my vampires.

I wasn't a fan of the horned heads (I found something I didn't like on all the vampire sculpts) so I asked Bob Naismith (my go-to sculptor for Warmonger Miniatures) to sculpt up some masquerade masks for me. This was the result. I took care of the hair, backs of the heads and the weapon swaps (Wargames Factory spanish cavalry swords).

Zeti Wardancers Zeti Wardancers Zeti Wardancers Zeti Wardancers Zeti Wardancers

Finally, this Hestra Nostrollo conversion is all me. I put Hestra's head and hands on a Dark Sword Lannister Lady in Waiting figure. The back from the top of her head to her waist was some of my most extensive putty work to date. I was pretty happy how she came out, so much so that I threw down a base coat and some shading last night. I want to try and paint her dress a pearlescent white, anyone have any tips there? I got some Liquitex Iridescent Medium (which is suppoed to really be pearlescent) to try out.

Hestra Nostrollo Hestra Nostrollo
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