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NEAT IX - The Nineth-one Cometh

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We had 22 players this year for NEAT IX (Northeast (US) Epic Armageddon Tournament), our biggest turnout yet. A big thank you to our prize sponsors (Microworld Games, HLS Models and Onslaught Miniatures) as well as everyone who came out to play. We played three rounds over the course of the day, pics are below.

My Thunderbolt's straffe Chris R's Marines in the opening match. Pew pew! The beach is this way brothers! Anthony's IG ready for their Epic debut. BerzerkerMonkey's FightaBomba's giving it to Jimmy's Phoenix. Deep within the secret painting laboratories of Karl, Destroyer of Breadsticks, this monstrousity was born. Some 85ish +4d6 infantry stands... Complete with Blood Hot Tub! Moscovian (Bill) decided to bring a mostly painted army this year after last year's Best save in the game! Stormtrooper's (Ron) Warlord. Returning champion Coach brought his Black Legion back. They faced a first round upset against Dwarf Supreme's (Tim) Knights. Brad's Decimators hit the Speed Strips to go faster. They face off against CaptPiett's (Matt) Black Legion. Chris's Assault Marines work over my Devastators. Pinch party! Right this way children... Tim's Knights beating the Coach down. Tim won the The Lancers have some Khorne in their rear. Convoy! Direct Fire Salt Shakers = Hell Cannons Karl had a two part plan: move foward, kill stuff. Pinching stuff was aloud as well. Mobile Rock Stage Eric's BTS ready to roll. Scarik's (Erik) Dark Eldar Fir Iolarion Warlock. My Bikes and Speeders lighting up Chris's Tacticals. Cameron's Tormentor on the move. It took on Rob's Marines. Brad's Ordanatus with its classic deployment position. The Iron Warriors on the move. Errants and a Lord of Battle face off. The cultists executing part one of the plan. And part two against Bill's Spears. Jon's TBolts straffe Anthony's IG. The Hydra watch an Epic battle all to themselves. Jimmy's Falcons moving up. Die, Revenant, Die! The Leone-eque faceoff continues. My bikes going for the win against Chris's BTS. Tim's TBolts picking on Cameron's Raiders. Brad's Iron Warriors ready for Round 2. They drew the Karl card. Eric's KoS revving their engines. Blitz Brigading Jimmy's Eldar hide out with their Giant Green Cube. Tim's Knights ready to do battle. The face Cameron's Dark Eldar this time around. Chris O's Necron's tangle with the Coach's Black Legion. Kal's Children face off against Ed's Marines. Burn da Beakies! Burn the Xenos! Brad's Decimator's inspect Karl's objective. Meanwhile, Cultists of the Grey Blob move forward. Brad's Defilers get ready for another Pinch Off. Rob's marines partying down town. Anthony's IG take on Doomkitten (Jay) who had Karl's IG for the day. Scarik's Phantom hunting for mammoth steaks. Wolves take on the Warlock. Hot IG on IG action! Jimmy's Revenants hoofing it through the snow. Jimmy's Eldar fight off the Great Enemy. Rolling through cover. Kal's Children playing in the woods. Follow the breadcrumbs, children! His THawk was used for some close air support. Chris's THawk lands to grab an objective. Eric's Orcs tidy up their home. Tim's Knights lighting up the Dark Eldar. My Speeders melta a Firestorm. Bill's Spears looking for their next target. Coach's Chaos grabs an objective. Coming in hot! Ron's sisters play you the son of their people. Keith's Iron Warriors taking on Jimmy's Eldar. Ron's Warlord was a little dusty after being moth balled for so long. The Chrises face off in round 3! Ed's marines take on Brad's Iron Warriors. Jay holds his ground. Cameron's Dark Eldar look to shift them.
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