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Mr. Farseer's Wild Ride

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I finished converting my Jetbike Farseer this week. I removed the Guardian's torso and right arm, and got the Farseer's torso in there as a replacement. I then puttied the robes around what was left of the body and used a staple as the base for the right arm. On that went the Farseer's right hand and spear, and I used a staple again as the haft of the spear.

Epic Eldar Jetbike Farseer Epic Eldar Jetbike Farseer Epic Eldar Jetbike Farseer

I only got one night of painting in this week, so the Vypers only got their gems done and their first coat of orange.

Epic Eldar Vypers

I did take one Vyper to completion just to see what it looked like highlighted. The only thing I went back and changed was to add some black in the engine exhaust areas.

Epic Eldar Vyper Epic Eldar Vyper
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