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Tiny Robots, Big Explosions

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New year, quick new tangent. I have had TiRoBEx for a while and have been meaning to paint something up for it to run at cons and in between games at our monthly game days. Toting around 40mm based models and enough terrain to fill a 4x4' seemed like a pain though, so I decided to halve all the measurements and templates. Handily, I've had some 2x2' mats from Adepticon that will work great, and plenty of Epic 40k ruins for terrain. For the miniatures I had these old Adeptus Titanicus robots and dreadnoughts so I went for this quick and dirty prismatic spray of a scheme.

Tiny Robots Tiny Robots

I just need to paint the base edges and the rocks, then it's on to the ruins before CaptainCon.

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