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Epic Craftworld Lugganath Eldar

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I finished up the Void Spinners the other week and also went back and updated the rocks on some of the older bases to match my newer scheme. I'd still like to strengthen the black highlights on the super-heavies at some point but figured this was a good place to leave for the year. So here's just over 6,000 points of my Epic Craftworld Lugganath Eldar army. Still plenty left to do though (Aspects, Guardians, Wave Serpents and Titans being the bulk of it).

Epic Craftworld Lugganath Eldar Epic Wraithlords and Wraithguard Epic Wild Riders, Jetbikes and Vypers Epic Falcons Epic Firestorms Epic Nightspinners Epic Shining Spears Epic Scorpions Epic Void Spinners Epic Pheonix Bombers Epic Storm Serpents Epic Cobras Epic Eldar Objectives
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